[Environmental protection, plant corn] snail modeling children's cutlery set - pink

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Can be placed in a microwave oven and used in green and plant corn Won 2017 Hong Kong Zhiying Design Award & Green A



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[Environmental protection, plant corn] snail modeling children's cutlery set - pink


LET'S GO ECO [Green, Plant-Maize] snail shape children's cutlery set

Snail Modelling Children's Tableware Set consists of six parts: bowl, saucer, cup, spoon, fork and place mat. There are three theme colors in the series. The cute snail shape allows the baby to fall in love with the meal. In addition, the cutlery set is a raw material derived from the natural plant corn, combined with creativity and ingenuity, to create a safe, environmentally friendly and high-quality children's tableware, to bring more peace of mind and healthy life to the family. After being discarded, they can be composted and landfilled, naturally decomposed by microorganisms after processing, and become compost in nature without recycling. It is absolutely environmentally friendly and creates a sustainable future for humanity on Earth.

* Ingredients for corn dishware
The main raw material for tableware made from natural plant corn is "polylactic acid." The production of polylactic acid is from the starch of the plant. After the starch is decomposed, the saccharin is fermented to produce lactic acid, and then the lactic acid is polymerized and linked to form a polylactic acid (abbreviated PLA) which is tough and can be shaped by thermoplastics. Polylactic acid not only has the convenience of plastic but also does not contain the danger of food safety. The ingredient of corn tableware is polyphenol-free (BPA free), non-toxic and decomposable, and even the energy consumption and carbon in the production process. Emissions and water consumption are less than those of traditional plastics. They reflect the products that love the earth.

* Safety of corn cutlery
The snail modeling children's cutlery set, with the EU food grade LFGB and the US FDA product safety certification also passed the SGS inspection of the world organization, and the use of more peace of mind "food industry registration number: A-124301977-00000-1"

*Packages for corn cutlery are all environmentally friendly
The snail modeling children's cutlery group won the 2017 Hong Kong Zhi Ying Design Gold Award in addition to the cute shape and functional design. In addition, in addition to the use of raw ingredients for the environmentally friendly corn dishes, over 95% of recycled pulp is used for commodity outsourcing, which reduces the cutting of natural forests. This green and environmentally friendly product has received another affirmation of the Hong Kong 2017 Green Environmental Awards

Instructions for use:
● Heat -5 °C ~ 110 °C, can be used in a microwave oven. Boiling, dishwasher-safe, dryer-dryable, UV-reusable, reusable
● Lightweight, resistant to breakage, not easy to break, best suited for children in learning
● Easy to clean without oil, please use a soft cloth or sponge and neutral detergent
●100% non-plastic, without any toxic substances: no heavy metal, no plasticizer, no melamine, no formaldehyde, no environmental hormone such as bisphenol A (BPA)
● The surface of the product is 100% natural plant fibers. The lines or partially protruding granules and black dots are distributed on the dishes. This is a normal phenomenon produced by natural ingredients.
● All printing patterns on the surface of the product are printed with non-toxic food-grade soy ink, and are integrally formed in the body of the product and are not easily discolored. Also, due to non-coating of the paint for the second time, the product will show a slight natural whitening. This is a normal phenomenon.
● This is a normal phenomenon due to the fact that natural materials absorb food color easily. To avoid prolonged loading of dark ingredients, please wash as soon as possible after use so as not to stain the surface of plant fibers.

● This product is reusable, please clean it before using for the first time
● Tableware is used to wash directly. Do not soak in water for a long time to cause deterioration of the surface. If the appearance of the tableware deteriorates, please purchase a new one instead.
● Microwave, but not more than three minutes, and do not have to put on the tableware
● When hot food is served after heating, use insulated gloves to avoid burns
● Do not use in electric cookers and ovens, do not directly touch fire or place in a freezer
● Due to the natural material, avoid cracks and shorten the service life in the case of rapid temperature changes at high and low temperatures.


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