Blackboard/magnetic surface easel easel

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Both sides of the easel can be graffiti, while one side has magnetic properties to attract magnets, and a special compartment for placing brushes and erasers. The wood we chose is a multicolored Taiwanese cedar that is not heavy, light and beautiful. The w



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Blackboard/magnetic surface easel easel


/ Dimensions/ Easel size: 56 x 34 x 100cm (length x width x height) Easel compartment ruler: 34 x 41 x 6cm (length x width x height) Painting area size: 44 x 45 (length x width) / About the goods / Children like to collect magnets and have no place to put them. Our easel has magnetic properties to give them a full load; Children like to paint always use the wall as the place where the art department creates. Our easel can give him unlimited imagination space; he can lie down and draw the oblique painting. Is there a special recommended billboard at the entrance of your store? The texture of the woodwork definitely makes your store's door temperament greatly improved. Intimate Master Master has specially designed a storage box for chalk and board eraser under the easel to make it easy to store and play at any time. / about us/ The woodworking workshop in the abandoned country is bringing hope to the tribe After the typhoon Morakot in 2008, faced with the problem of millions of tons of driftwood treatment, with the help of all walks of life, the "Yangyang Salary Woodworking Workshop" was established, using driftwood as a material to make driftwood furniture, or small and delicate objects. Re-giving driftwood life. The Woodworking Workshop was established in the abandoned Duoguo Elementary School, where the tribes with serious personal flow were created through community-based workshops, through the development of traditional culture, and the continued learning and inheritance of traditional culture. Job opportunities, so that more and more people can return home, retain people to retain the memory of growth, and generate emotion and recognition of this land. The greatest instinct of the aborigines is to live with nature. Therefore, the Yangjiao Carving Workshop constantly seeks a balance point of coexistence with nature and the environment, and reflects such ideas on commodities. We do the least processing of wood, keep its original color and texture, and let the wood become your must-have home in the most natural state. / Maintenance method / Our products have been coated with pure natural beeswax oil as a protective layer, which is environmentally friendly and breathable, so that the wood stays in a state of continuous breathing and achieves the basic daily anti-splashing and anti-fouling effects. After long-term use, the amount of wood wax oil will be reduced. Therefore, it should be wiped regularly with wood wax oil or cooking oil to make the wood absorb the oil to produce a protective layer. / Intimate little 叮咛 / In order to be environmentally friendly and close to nature, we are committed to retaining the original appearance of the wood without excessive processing. Therefore, the wooden products we produce are only coated with a layer of natural beeswax oil, which can only achieve the basic "water repellent" and " Anti-fouling." If your dry dust cloth to gently wipe, and try__remain dry__, extend life and reduce the chance of damage to the wood. / Precautions/ Each item has a unique color and wood grain,__can not let you pick__, we will carefully check every detail when shipping, and let the goods remain in the best state to send to you. Please look at each piece of wooden goods with the feeling of tearing down the gifts and appreciate the natural appearance of the wood. Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan Taitung


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