Handmade melon cloth - single eyelid Shiba Inu

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((single eyelid Shiba Inu) It looks a bit dull but he is gentle and will treat your pots and pans gently! *According to the computer display different colors will be slightly different*



ภายใน 1 อาทิตย์
Handmade melon cloth - single eyelid Shiba Inu


**Araionez handmade melon cloth**
⁍ Excellent touch, easy to collect bubbles, and expiratory
It is hand-made with Korean silk thread, which is compared with the traditional traditional solid melon cloth. The touch is a bit empty, like the hollow feeling of the meat inside the fresh meat dumpling, because there is a gap to make the detergent collect more bubbles. Easy, soft and fine fiber, soft to the touch, not to hurt the dishes, the cleaning effect is great!
Recommended for people who have built-in girls or want to nurture a girl who needs to wash dishes.
Product size: length and width about 10 X 9cm, thickness about 2cm
(Because of all handmade, the size is about 0.5~1cm error is normal)
(Hand-cut silk light material, some silk dust will fall to normal when used for the first time)
📌**araionez handmade melon cloth advantages:**
✔ Easy to collect bubbles, the amount of dishwashing can be reduced.
✔The fluffy feel is fluffy. When cleaning the angled dishes, it is easier to stick to the curvature of the dishes. The corners that are difficult to clean are clean!
✔Hook-style design, after washing the dishes, the araionez can be slightly cleaned and then hanged to dry, no dirt and no mold!

**[Precautions for use]**
💬**What kind of dish pot can be used**
Cast iron pot can also be used, please feel free to brush! It is recommended to brush on the melon cloth and then wash it. If you are worried about destroying beautiful pots, it is not recommended to use any cleaning tools!

💬**How to clean the melon cloth**
The araionez vegetable melon cloth does not absorb oil. If the oily dish is cleaned, it will make the oil on the melon cloth. Please use the hot water for 20 minutes after washing, then hang up and dry after washing!

💬**scouring pads food dye to color how do**
Just like the clothes will be dyed, don't worry about just spraying the melon cloth on the dishwashing detergent, soaking in water for one night, the beauty looks like a night gel. In some places where the dyeing is deep, the use of two or three times of dyeing will disappear, and the beauty will take some time.

💬**Washable bathroom, sink, stubborn mold**
No need to use detergent, add water brush, if you want to be cleaner, you can use the bathroom cleaner to strengthen and brush again.
✔️Material soft fiber fine can penetrate the gap
✔️ ✔️ 贴 贴 贴 贴 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水 水


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