Fatty Day Cream SPF30 Moisturizing Cream

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Zero toxins, without the recognized easy-to-block components. Daytime maintenance of a bottle to get comfortable and ref



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Fatty Day Cream SPF30 Moisturizing Cream


This is not a BB cream. She is a highly active moisturizing cream that combines the physical effects of sun protection and brightening with no concealer. The formula is non-blocking and does not require the special label of XX muscles, but it can permanently repair the skin barrier, away from the aches and pains of dryness, aging and acne. It can also be used as a primer before makeup to make skin softer and smoother before applying makeup.

Discard the chemical sunscreen component that mimics estrogen-induced acne and replace it with uncoated, non-naphthalene, pure zinc oxide physical sunscreen ingredients. The bottle is filled with the phytochemicals that are rare in the industry. The top sage blended with high linoleic acid vegetable oils can repair and tighten skin, rejuvenate cells, and delay aging. Only natural minerals are used to modify skin color, non-foundation like “no blemishes”, and the hiding power is not yet reached. "Perfect", but better than foundation for daily use, with the most considerate of the skin, smooth texture, radiant but not shiny, dry and non-greasy after use, no makeup or thick BB cream, airtight A sense of nature but a natural makeup without makeup. You will no longer need to stack multiple products, even if the chickenpox muscle is no burden, in the most relaxed way, modify the delicate skin, and use it comfortably for a long time! Does not contain petrochemical emulsifiers, petrochemical by-products and any fillers, without clogging and susceptibility to sensitization.
In addition to the BB Cream, in addition to its moisturizing effect, she also contains a nicotinamide which is a precious layer that can repair the stratum corneum. It can really repair the skin barrier. The formula of nicotinamide (vitamin B3) is derived from the broth of the whole plant. , fennel, chamomile, non-factory raw materials; In addition, a large number of dandelion, rosemary, mint rich in stable vitamin C, can effectively anti-aging.

Unlike the common phenomenon known as physical sunscreens, but mixed with chemical sunscreen ingredients, "Dressing Day Cream" "only" selects high quality uncoated, non-nano high-micron 12% zinc oxide, zinc oxide It has been confirmed by scientific research and approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the European Union that it has broad-spectrum sun-protection effect and is the only natural sunscreen component that can resist UVA and UVB wavelengths. The rare uncoated zinc oxide in the industry is even more stringent in material screening, meaning that no chemicals are coated on the zinc oxide, making the process more confusing and challenging the formulation professional, but the advantage is that there is no chemical substance. Residue, high purity and effective formula and clean. Many of the SPF sun protection products are only able to fight against UVB, and are omnipresent for sun and shine, and the earlier aging killer, UVA, is at a loss. Many experts even suggested that buccal muscles should be repaired with zinc oxide at night and that they could be disinfected, astringent, and absorb moisture, which would be helpful for a variety of dermatitis problems. Especially annoying eczema, zinc oxide is even more embarrassing for its gospel.

This product and the "Perfect Day Cream SPF 30" are certified by the US Food and Drug Administration California qualified laboratory

Josh Rosebrook's three brands insist that you feel comfortable using the experience of top healing:

First, the natural anti-corrosion mechanism (because the product contains water, organic aloe and vegetable oil, it must be effective anti-corrosion mechanism): Only potassium sorbate, which can be easily metabolized and biodegraded by the human body, is added, and the moisture in the product contains organic plant vitamins and antibodies. Oxides can strongly inhibit product deterioration and extend the service life. This is the most effective, non-toxic and extensive anti-corrosion mechanism to ensure product safety and quality stability.

Second, without any animal experiments.

Third, no added controversial ingredients: Although some components have not been banned from use, they have been found to be harmful to the human body, including sulfates, Paraben, synthetic essences, artificial colors, alfalfa, petrochemical products, and genetically modified crops, etc., and Josh Rosebrook will always be outside the door. .


In order to achieve the best results and complete protection, it is recommended to moisturize the skin with Evening Primrose Sea Buckthorn Dew Lotion, and then pat the product on the face and neck with 3-4 strokes. Every two hours and after sweating, you can really make up for the perfect effect. After sweating, avoid rubbing or touching your face to avoid inadvertently erasing the product. Suitable for all skin types (oil, acne muscles also apply).

【Storage Period】: 18 months. Use as soon as possible after opening.

【Capacity】: 30ml


Active Ingredient: 12% Non Nano, Uncoated, Micronized Zinc Oxide
*Aloe Vera Leaf Juice,*Shea Butter,*Evening Primrose Oil,*Hemp Seed Oil,*Jojoba Oil,*Borage Seed Oil,*Almond Oil,*Grape Seed Oil,*Sesame Oil,*Avocado Oil,*Olive Oil,*Sea Buckthorn Oil,*Broccoli Oil,*Calendula,*Bilberry,*Chamomile,*Burdock,*Rosemary,*Fennel,*Dandelion,*Rose Hips,*Catnip,*Chickweed,*Neem Leaf,*Skullcap,*Ginkgo Leaf ,*Linden Flower,*Hawthorn Berry,*Green Tea,*Flax,*Nettle,*Sage,*Marshmallow Root,*Cayenne,*Ginseng,*Peppermint,*St. John's Wort,*Alfalfa,*Vitamin E, ‡Candelilla Wax,*Guar Gum,*Gum Arabic, §Xanthan Gum, §Potassium Sorbate, Mica,*Benzoin Resin, †Carrot Seed Oil.


1. Including body temperature and sweat may cause the product to flow into the eyes, and sunscreen ingredients may irritate the eye. Therefore, apply at least 1 cm from the eye to avoid irritation.
2. Always store in a cool, dry place.
3. If you have any discomfort or allergies, stop or consult your physician.

【Origin】: United States.


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