Polar creature essay postcard 2019 winter limited

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Polar bio postcard fine-grain paper double-sided color printing Manual hot stamping processing is slightly different Because the color difference of each display is inevitable, the color is mainly based on actual products.



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Polar creature essay postcard 2019 winter limited


The polar regions are cool in summer, but the winter is very cold and there are always and nights. Because the climate is extremely cold, there is not much plant growth, only cold-resistant moss or tundra, so there is less hiding place. So many creatures are white, so you can avoid predators or kill prey. Polar creatures are usually fat, and rich subcutaneous fat allows them to have enough heat to fight the cold weather. Little white whale The little white whale is known for its rich and varied singing voices, such as snoring, sharp snoring, ticking and clucking, which early whalers called "canary in the sea." They are rich in expression, attractive and able to be trained, so they are one of the stars of the Sea World, and many areas where white whales are concentrated have become popular whale watching places. Polar bear Polar bears are the most representative animals in the Arctic. Healthy polar bears have very thick fat and hair, and are also swimmers! They mainly catch seals on sea ice. However, in recent years, due to the greenhouse effect and the destruction of habitats, the number has been drastically reduced. Narwhal The unicorn's unicorn reminds people of the legendary unicorn, and the unicorn is actually the long teeth of the male unicorn, used to sense changes in salinity, temperature and pressure. Although the Long Dentist of the Unicorn is a high-priced exporter in the Polar Region, fortunately the number of narwhals is still quite rich and not endangered. Sea angel Sea angels live under the ice in the cold waters of the Arctic and Antarctic. They are about 2-3 cm long and very small. Their crystal-clear appearance combined with the action of swimming seems to be like an angel flapping their wings, so some people call them ice angels. King penguin The King Penguin is the second largest figure in the penguin family, second only to the emperor penguin. The first name of the king penguin is "Aptenodytes", which means "the bird without a wing" in ancient Greek. seal Seals, sea lions, and fur seals are often confusing. Seals have no outer ears and hind limbs are degraded, so you can only crawl slowly on the land with your upper limbs. The seals have a beautiful white hair, and this white hair, which is worthless, often makes them the target of hunters. walrus The walrus lives mainly in the Arctic Ocean and is very large, weighing 1-2 metric tons. Walrus has a thick subcutaneous fat that helps them withstand cold weather. Moreover, the walrus is different in color from the skin in the sea on the land (the skin on the land is brownish red and white in the water), because in the water, the blood vessels shrink and the blood is squeezed out from the subcutaneous fat layer to reduce heat energy. Loss.


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