Pendant Long Chain Pearl Earrings // 925 Sterling Silver / Earhook / Earrings

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Pendant Long Chain Pearl Earrings // 925 Sterling Silver / Earhook / Earrings

รายละเอียดสินค้า **/product description/** Color | silver Material | 925 sterling silver Size | FREE, the total length of about 5-10cm, free to adjust **/ Commodities Packaging & Accessories /** Where to buy any of LelimJewelry goods, are the following good things: √ deep gray wipe silver cloth 1 (10.5x6.5cm) √ LelimJewelry Pure cotton pajamas pocket 1 √ LelimJewelry thick paper box 1 (can be used when the storage box!) √ LelimJewelry handwriting thanks postcard 1 sheet (If you need more than one blank postcards to write to friends, you can report before the next report) ★ warm reminder ★ If you buy the color of gold, rose gold or other non-metallic materials, Due to no oxidation problem, will not be attached to wipe silver cloth, please forgive me **/Delivery Time/** Until the buyer is ready to pay immediately after the completion of shipping matters, depending on the destination, and have different distribution days. Taiwan Island: sent within 2-3 working days after delivery (excluding Saturday and the national holidays) Other countries: about 5-8 working days after delivery (excluding Saturdays and national holidays) **/ Silver jewelry daily maintenance /** Please keep dry, to avoid contact with water and chemical substances, silver best maintenance method for everyday wear, the body can make silver jewelry produce natural moist luster.When wearing silver, try to avoid wearing other precious metal jewelry, so as to avoid deformation or abrasion, Resulting in scratches. Usually do not wear can be installed in a sealed bag, to prevent contact with the air oxidation black. **/ Silver oxidation of the yellow how to deal with? /** When silverware is worn for some time, the combination of sulfur and silver will form a layer of black silver sulfide film on the silver surface, resulting in some small spots or patches, which does not mean that can not be restored, please do not worry too much. Where to buy LelimJewelry silver Wrap a silver cloth, wiping your silver back and forth, and in most cases you can restore the original light and color. **/ About LelimJewelry /** LelimJewelry was established in May 2017, by several amateur jewelry lovers assembled, uphold the elegant, intellectual, natural, reckless, revealing the natural flavor is not made.We have a very fine texture of pure silver with a flat price, It is hoped that more and more people will be able to show personal characteristics and self-identity through LelimJewelry's merchandise. It is not about the price tag, it is about how you feel. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan Design / Korea Production


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