Lucky stone Citrine and love's guardian stone Amethyst double duplicate hoop earrings Earrings change February / November birthstone

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ภายใน 1 วัน
ภายใน 1 วัน
Lucky stone Citrine and love's guardian stone Amethyst double duplicate hoop earrings Earrings change February / November birthstone


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Lucky stone, citrine and love guardian stone, amethyst hoop earrings.
It is a very compatible combination
Amethyst and citrine finely cut into small stones were luxuriously doubled.
Changeable to earrings (gold plated earring parts only)

· Material
- All 14 kgf
- (round cut) Amethyst: about 2.5 mm
- (round cut) Citrine: about 2.75 mm

· Size
- Hoop earrings: 13 mm, about 18 mm including stone

* As much as possible we are trying to shoot in colors close to the actual thing, but the impression changes according to the condition of light is the feature of natural stone.
Fraternity and hope Prosperity and wealth of fortune stone November's birthstone
Citrine with beautiful yellow is the meaning of "lemon" in French.
Stone's words: fraternity and hope
Stone power:
· Bring prosperity and wealth of business
· Removes deep sorrow and stress, gives us energy
· Provide confidence and hope and increase motivation
Yellow to golden citrine has long been considered a "stone symbolizing the sun" for a long time.
It is believed that it brings light like sunlight in the dark part of the heart, resolves lostness and trouble, gives confidence and hope to the person who holds it, enhances life force, as a stone giving power to the body, It was being kept alarmed.
It has also been said that it is also called "stone of good fortune" which is a symbol of business and prosperity from long ago and gathers people around and builds wealth and wealth by moving things smoothly.
In medieval Europe, like Peridot this stone is also called "topaz", it is said that it was loved by people of the upper class, and it is said that called Citrine Topaz is its remnant.
February 's birthstone which keeps "true love" and releases the most noble radiance
Amethyst Power Stone Meaning · Effect
Amethyst called "guardian stone of love" "stone protecting truth love" is famous for February's birthstone.
Purple color of amethyst, which is said to have been loved by many people from ancient times.
Especially in Japan, it is said to be the most distinctive color, the color that has been very important in religious ceremonies. Historically, it is said that the color is worshiped as the highest-ranking color in the "crown ranking of the twelfth floor" established by Prince Shotoku, in particular in China it is said to be the color that only the emperor can learn.
By the way, even among crystal color varieties, it is rated highest.
It is said to give power to protect true love by causing "heart of love and compassion" to bud, as called "guardian of love".
In Europe, it is said that there is "a power to slowly calm down passion that is overly high" while being said to be "a lovely lover's stone". It can be said that it is a wonderful power stone that greatly supports love fulfillment even from such power. Also, besides the passion of love, it is also one of the strong stones of spiritual power that is said to heal and calm the stress-relieved mind, give a calm peace.
Gemstone power stone gold K14GF 14kgf 14KGF gold filled accessory jewelry jewelry amethyst stone anklet handmade gifts gift new work 2018 purple purple hoop earrings yellow citrine yellow


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