Natural Amethyst 14kgf Ruyi Earrings

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Metal material: 14k alloy Earring length 4.7cm Main Stone: Irregular Amethyst 10x12mm With Stone: Black Spinel 4mm / Peridot 4mm / Citrine 4mm / Red Garnet 4mm



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Natural Amethyst 14kgf Ruyi Earrings


Metal material: 14k alloy Earring length 4.7cm Main Stone: Irregular Amethyst 10x12mm With Stone: Black Spinel 4mm / Peridot 4mm / Citrine 4mm / Red Garnet 4mm ✦Selection of Amethyst Black Spinel Pearl Peridot Red Garnet Citrine ✦ Amethyst / Concentrate and focus and help learn to think 尖 Black spinel / easing heart, reducing negative energy The ancient Greeks believed that amethyst could make people drink without getting drunk; medieval European soldiers believed that amethyst amulets could heal and calm. In Chinese history, amethyst is regarded as a stone of wisdom, which can smooth out cluttered thoughts and increase the concentration and concentration of learning. Wearing an amethyst necklace can help calm your mind, activate thinking, and enhance your popularity. In addition, amethyst also gives lovers and couples a deep love and affection, which is suitable as a gift for a partner. Wearing spinel can ward off sickness, or various negative energies, can lead cosmic energy into the human body, enhance vitality and explosive power, and pair with ancient silver double scorpion beads to imply continuous events and good luck. Olivine's stable and gentle energy helps to strengthen the wearer's aura and reduce the impact of negative magnetic fields around it; the fresh and comfortable green light can also attract happiness and wealth. Peridot also represents loyalty, confidence, and long-term husband and wife happiness. Garnet has become a very popular gemstone during the Bronze Age. At that time, the ancient Egyptians would decorate their clothing with garnet. Ancient Greece in the 4th century BC also had bracelets set with garnet. If you are tired at work, wearing red garnet will help you recover. If a woman has a weak constitution, she can wear it while sleeping, which will help improve blood circulation and make the body and mind comfortable during rest. Wearing citrine can attract the frequency of wealth and gather wealth, which has a strengthening effect on both positive and partial wealth. Corresponding to the human body is the sun wheel, so it can help the digestive system function well, relieve tension and anxiety, and relax both mind and body. 14K Golf Filled (GF) gold injection instructions and maintenance Many jewelry are often marked with 14K gold, but it is always unclear what exactly it is? In fact, 14K gold jewelry has been popular in Europe, America and Japan for a long time. It has a charming and elegant light golden color. It is very loved by European and American people.It has 1/20 14K GF marked with international standards on the buckle and ear hook. 14KGF Description: 1/20 14K GF (Gold-Filled), is 1/20, which means that the gold content is 5% of the total weight, which is definitely different from electroplating 14K GF means 14K forged gold, that is, 14K gold is forged outside the metal tire under high temperature and high pressure conditions. The forged gold surface has strong hardness and high wear resistance, and it is not easy to lose the gold texture. Care instructions 1. Wear 14K GF jewelry, it is recommended to use warm water and toothpaste to scrub gently when not wearing after wearing, and put it in the included clip after drying The chain bag is not easy to fade if it is protected. 2. Proper use and good maintenance can make it not fade for life, 14K GF jewelry can also be worn when taking a bath. It's kind of clean. 3. Proper and proper maintenance is recommended. If the chain is not maintained and becomes darker, it will be difficult to return to the original color. You can also Send back regularly and let us help you with cleaning and maintenance. 4. 14KGF or 925 sterling silver will not fade, it is a combination of gold and copper, containing 1/20 of gold, will not fade Because they are not plated on the surface, they will oxidize when sweating or if they are not worn for a long time, so it is recommended to wear them often. 5. 14K injection is not easy to be allergic, but everyone's allergens are different.


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