Leather album

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It is a leather album that contains the best photos.


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Leather album


This item has been discontinued. There is no stock in the future. I made an album with leather. Italy, a small album that is easy to carry in a bag tailored with the use of high-quality tanned leather butter brown made by Walpie. Why do not you carry your photos in your bag? The image you see on your smartphone is easy and good, but I think it's good to print a photo and look at it. The album can hold 24 photos. The album inside the leather cover is kraft paper and the photo inside is `` Mashikaku '' 89X89cm photos can be stored. size Approximately 11,2 cm long when closed Approximately 12,5 cm in width This will be made to order and then made to order. Delivery time will be about 2 weeks, but please consult us if you are in a hurry with gifts. The leather color you can choose natural blue green Orange Brown black wine You can choose from 7 colors. Badarassi Carlo's leather "Pueblo" Petrolio (blue-green) Cochinella (reddish brown) Naples (yellow) You are able to choose from these options. The color of the leather you can choose is Butero natural blue green Orange Brown black wine Red You can choose from 8 colors. Badarassi Carlo's Pueblo leather is available in Petrolio, a greenish-blue leather and reddish-brown cochinella. Pueblo has a leather surface that feels dry and dry, but it feels moist. The expression is rich and attractive when new, but the aging that shows it as it is used is also a wonderful leather. Nume leather tanned with 100% vegetable tannins for both butero and pueblo values the texture of the leather, and because of the transparent dye dyeing, patterns such as streaks and blood lines of tigers and blood lines, such as tigers, blood lines, etc. May be seen. Please understand that this also emphasizes the texture and texture of leather. The color may change slightly depending on the arrival time for the dye finish and may differ from the color sample. Aging is a very fun leather, the gloss is suppressed at the beginning of use and it has a somewhat matte texture, but as you use it, the gloss will come out and the color will change, and you will enjoy the maximum enjoyment of leather products over time Can be. Does not include image cameras, photos, or film. Due to the nature of natural leather, there may be uneven color, tigers, scratches, etc. Please understand as one of the characteristics of leather tanned with vegetable tannins. Please note that the color may fade when wet or rub strongly. The color may look different on the screen and the real thing. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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