(Large) Gilt Series_GILT Scented Candle (Six Colors)

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(Large) Gilt Series_GILT Scented Candle (Six Colors) ◆Material: pure natural soybean wax + cosmetic grade fragrance oil ◆Capacity: 220g ◆Burning time: 45-50 hr. ◆Aroma: There are five aromas to choose from (Hydrangea, Ludan Water, Black Cedar & Juniper, Amber & Lavender, Morning Yang Garden), accept customized orders



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(Large) Gilt Series_GILT Scented Candle (Six Colors)


**Lumiere Candle**This brand idea originated from the fact that the creator has been fascinated by the Disney series of films since he was a little girl. Therefore, when the brand was established, Lumiere, the candlestick character in Beauty and the Beast, was chosen as the brand name . Candlestick-Lumiere It symbolizes "bright," bright meaning in French He said in the movie: **〈You don't have time to be timid. You must be bold, daring.〉—“There is no time to be timid in life, you must be brave.”** Bring everyone into the best memories through candlelight and fragrance, I hope everyone can be brave once, Make a wish for yourself and entrust what you want to say in the candlelight. **Lumiere Candle product introduction:** ◆All are made of pure natural, environmentally friendly, smokeless soy wax. Soy wax has a natural aroma and can be naturally decomposed without causing damage to the human body. Because of its low melting point, it can prolong the burning time and maintain the aroma. ◆The candle wick uses double wood candle wicks, which will produce a crackling sound and a light wood aroma when burning, which doubles the healing sensation, and can avoid the slanting of the ordinary cotton candle wick or the black smoke and burning smell generated when it is lit. ◆The fragrance oils used are carefully selected by the creators, and imported from Korea, cosmetic grade (usually used in cosmetics, harmless to the human body) **There are five kinds of aromas you can choose by yourself:** ◆Floral notes 1.**Hydrangea**╴Hydrangea, jasmine, rose, pansy, geranium, ylang-ylang, sandalwood, vanilla, iris #Flower fragrance is gentle and graceful, and the temperament is sudden Second,**Lu Dan Water**╴ lemon Italian, Mediterranean orange, white mint, sage leaflets, cotton, linen sun, white musk #Mediterranean scent is charming, sun-dried linen fragrance ◆Woody tone 1.**Black Cedar & Juniper**╴Juniper berries, rose petals, dew, cumin, pepper leaves, black cedar, moss #Wandering in the forest after the rain memory, like a mature man 2.**Amber & Lavender**╴bergamot, lavender, mint, lily of the valley, cloves, cinnamon, myrrh, patchouli, amber # Warm and comfortable fragrance, surround every corner of the home, relax the body and mind best ◆Flower and Fruity **Morning Yang Garden**╴Sweet orange, fig, orange blossom, tuberose petals, black currant leaves #The most popular in summer, the combination of flowers and fruits, sweet and refreshing **Precautions:** ◆The first burning waxworm is the key. It is recommended to burn for more than 2 hours, and after burning for about 15-20 minutes, pick up the candle and rotate it slightly, and use the wax in the middle to melt the surroundings, so that the candle burns smoothly, and it can burn in the future. Evenly. ◆If the candle wick cannot be lighted because the wick is carbonized, you can trim 0.5-1cm before each lighting to smoothly light the candle. Do not blow out the candle directly with your mouth, which may cause the carbonized candle wick to float to the candle surface. ◆Please store candles in a cool and dry place, avoid direct sunlight. ◆Please put the lid on each time after burning to avoid loss of fragrance. ※Accept customized orders, if there is a large order demand, a separate quotation can be provided


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