[Herbal True Feelings] Unilateral Purifying Air Essential Oil Group (10mlx3) (P4224583)

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◎ unilateral essential oil ◎ aromatic master recommended ◎ balance women's physical and mental condition ◎ herbal purification master ◎ mosquito repellent recommended



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[Herbal True Feelings] Unilateral Purifying Air Essential Oil Group (10mlx3) (P4224583)


**Unilateral essential oil /** The essential oil is a kind of extract extracted from a specific part of the plant. It is not processed or blended with other essential oils. It can be used with a diffuser or with other essential oils. It must be properly diluted before it can be used on the skin. . **Lemon essential oil /** ◆Latin name - Citrus limonum ◆plant origin - Argentina ◆Extraction site - peel ◆Extraction method - extracting essential oil by cold pressing technology ◆ Essential oil color - light yellow liquid ◆Taste description - fresh and strong, citrus aroma, fresh and sweet, unique citric acid ◆Scent tonality - top note / fast version https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/3366159/image0.jpg?ts=140757 **Lemon essential oil effect /** ◆ Light, fresh and pleasant fragrance, which can make people refreshed and refreshed, help clear thoughts, eliminate burnout, bring fresh feelings, help clarify thoughts and relieve emotions. ◆Remove the unpleasant smell or fishy smell in the air, the taste is fresh and aromatic, and it can also remove mosquitoes. ◆ Improve oily skin, cleansing, astringent, balancing oil secretion, whitening skin. ◆The aroma conditioning method is recommended to be used by a professional aromatherapist. **Mind level /** When you feel irritated, you can bring a fresh feeling, help clarify your thoughts, clear your mind, and help your mind. **Reconciliation advice /** The sweet and sour smell of lemon oil can boost the spirit, and it is quite suitable with floral and grass essential oils. Floral / Lavender (scented and scent), rose geranium (thick and sweet) Grass/tea tree (environmental purification), Eucalyptus (to refresh) **Intimate reminder /** Lemon essential oil is photosensitive and has a UV-absorbing component. If it is exposed to sunlight after being applied to the skin during the day, it will cause allergic irritation and melanin precipitation. It is not recommended for use during the day. **Peppermint essential oil /** ◆Latin name - Mentha ◆plant origin -United States ◆Extraction site - blade ◆Extraction method - distillation method ◆Essential oil color - clear light brown or light yellow, the color gradually deepens after precipitation ◆Taste description - cool and strong taste, strong penetrating power, refreshing ◆Scent tonality - Top note / Allegro https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/3366011/image0.jpg?ts=134850 **Peppermint essential oil effect /** ◆Strong, cool, refreshing and refreshing essential oil, it is quite suitable for refreshing and refreshing indoors, improving air odor, making the taste fresh and aromatic, and repelling mosquitoes. ◆ It can boost the spirit, relieve headaches, eliminate stress and relieve muscle fatigue. It also has a good effect, can also relieve tension, bring a sense of balance, and feel the refreshing and elegant fragrance space. ◆ It can clean, calm, soothe and regulate the skin, reduce the secretion of oil, and improve skin problems such as blackheads, enlarged pores and greasy acne. ◆The aroma conditioning method is recommended to be used by a professional aromatherapist. **Mind level /** It can calm the state of anger, hysteria and fear, and can boost the spirit and give the soul a free space to stretch. **Reconciliation advice /** Peppermint essential oil can be the main character or the supporting role. The cool smell can make the mind clear, and it is suitable for all kinds of tonal oils. Floral / Lavender (scented and simple) Grass/tea tree (environmental purification), eucalyptus (to refresh), rosemary (smooth soothing), lemongrass (mosquito repellent) Fruity/Grapefruit (fresh and pleasant), sweet orange (mellow and sweet), lemon (light and fresh) **Intimate reminder /** ◆ Peppermint essential oil is a powerful essential oil, it is recommended to use in small doses. ◆Menthol essential oil has the effect of high-efficiency cooling. It is not suitable for bathing and body massage in winter, otherwise it is easy to catch cold. ◆If you are sensitive to the use of peppermint essential oil, do not use it before going to sleep at night to avoid difficulty falling asleep. **tea tree/** ◆Latin name - Camellia sinensis ◆plant origin - Xiaohechuan Basin in the north of New South Wales, Australia ◆Extraction site - blade ◆ Extraction method - distillation method. 120 kilograms can extract 1 kilogram of essential oil. ◆ Essential oil color - from colorless to pale yellow, clear, low viscosity ◆Taste description - fresh, fresh, slightly pungent ◆Scent tonality - Top note / Allegro https://diz36nn4q02zr.cloudfront.net/webapi/images/r/SalePageDesc/3368356/image0.jpg?ts=095809 **Tea tree essential oil effect /** ◆ It has antibacterial effect and helps to improve the immune system against infectious diseases. ◆ It has a purifying effect and improves the suppuration of wound infection; it also helps dry scalp and dandruff. ◆The aroma conditioning method is recommended to be used by a professional aromatherapist. **Mind level /** Keep your mind fresh and rejuvenated, especially for frightened situations **Reconciliation advice /** The tea tree oil is similar to the eucalyptus oil. It is also a highly functional universal oil. It can be added with mint and lavender to add a cool floral scent during indoor purification, and eucalyptus oil can be added for winter prevention. Floral / Lavender (scented and simple) Grass/Mint (Spirit), Eucalyptus (to refresh) Fruity/sweet orange (round and sweet) **How to save essential oils /** Please use dark glass bottle, store at room temperature of 25 °C, do not place it at a temperature above 40 °C or direct exposure to sunlight. Place the bottle holder upright when it is placed. After use, lock the bottle cap to avoid deterioration of the essential oil (the essential oil does not need to be stored in the refrigerator). **Precautions/** ◆ Essential oils should not be taken orally for external use. ◆ Do not use high doses and use them frequently. ◆ Please place it in a place where young children are not easy to take. ◆Physically sensitive, perform sensitive tests before use. ◆ Do not touch essential oils on the eyes, inner ear and mucous membranes. ◆The volatility of essential oils is high, please tighten the cap after use. ◆ Do not mix different brand essential oils to ensure the effect of essential oils. ◆The aroma conditioning method is recommended to be used by a professional aromatherapist. ◆ Essential oils are recommended not to use excessive amounts to avoid causing adverse effects and even causing excessive burden on the body. ◆Asthma patients are advised not to use steam inhalation method, please use it for nursed back to health. ◆ Essential oils are susceptible to light and heat, so put the essential oil in a blackout bottle and keep it in a cool place. ◆ Avoid diluting essential oils with plastic, soluble or oil-colored surfaces. Use glass, stainless steel or ceramics to dilute. ◆ Do not use broad bean disease, low/high blood pressure, epilepsy patients, pregnant women, and infants. If you need to use, please refer to relevant information or consult a professional doctor. ◆The above information provides reference for general oil users. The company's products do not involve any medical behavior. Aromatherapy is a natural treatment and cannot be regarded as orthodox medicine. If you have any discomfort, you should seek legal professional treatment to avoid the best time to delay medical treatment.


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