Nyonya Sauce(Hot)

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Malaysia-Penang Nyonya’s Sauce. The sauce is excellent for dipping and food pairing


1g x 110
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Nyonya Sauce(Hot)


『Brand Story 』 The Love of Family Penang Nyonya's (Peranakan) descendent met his wife, a.k.a ' Garlic Princess', who loves garlic and inherited garlic's knowledge from her grandfather. During their visit to Penang, she followed her mother-in-law to learn how to cook. Besides her mother-in-law, aunties also became her teacher. She didn't know the differences of Nyonya's cuisine before this. She realised that there are slight different between the Penang Nyonya, Malacca Nyonya and Singapore Nyonya. There was no written recipe in the family. Cooking lessons were taught through hands on learning. That was how she learned the Nyonya ways of cooking in the family. Nyonya's cuisine emphasise the food chopping and cutting by hand instead of machine. This practices not only bring the best taste to the food but it also given them plenty time for small talks. These conversations in a way creating a harmony bonding among the elders and the young one. Nyonya's cuisine blended well with the multicultural background of Penang. It assimilates the best of Chinese, India and Malay's cuisines. This represents and portraits the spirit of Nyonya's willingness and the openness for diversity and integration. After Mrs Garlic and Mr Penangite returning to Taiwan, they wanted to preserve the Nyonya's taste. Therefore, they begin a new journey to bring the original Nyonya sauce to the world, launching the feature product the【Penang Nyonya Sauce】. 【Penang Nyonya Sauce】will definitely enrich your tastebuds with full balance of sourness, sweetness, spiciness and soothing great taste! 【Penang Nyonya Sauce】 is hand-made with home grown garlic from Taiwan, with its unique garlicky taste that give you the best taste of all. Let us experience the 'Nanyang' taste of Nyonya's Penang with the kick of the garlicky taste of Taiwan's garlic. We also hope you can creates wonders with 【Penang Nyonya Sauce】in your daily cooking and share with everyone. ⊙ Peranakan, 17th century Chinese who travel and had intermarriage with the local in Penang, Malacca, Indonesia and Singapore. Male descendent is called 'Baba' and the female descendent is called 'Nyonya'. Baba & Nyonya celebrates Chinese traditional festivals and integrated the local Malays languages in their daily life. 『Our product 』 Everyone has heard about the colourful and delicious 'Nyonya Kuih', What about the【Nyonya Sauce】? Mama Nyonya proudly presents you the 【Penang Nyonya Sauce】. Our founder, a Nyonya descendent from Penang, inherited the 100 years old recipe from his great grandmother. With the recipe, he uses home- grown garlic from Shengang Township, Taiwan. The Garlic serve as one of the main ingredient further enrich the【Penang Nyonya Sauce】, which bring you the most authentic and unique taste of【Penang Nyonya Sauce 】. Let us together taste the Nyonya love - 【Penang Nyonya Sauce】. Ingredients:garlic, chili, vinegar, sugar ,no preservative added. Net weight:110 g Origin:Taiwan Food Pairing: Fried food, BBQ, Salad dressing, fried tofu, fried dumpling, hotpot, Chinese dumpling. Cook with vegetables, fried rice, fried noodle and pair well with all types of seafoods. There are 2 variety of Penang Nyonya’s Sauce. Original and Spicy taste. Original taste : less spicy and very garlicky. Hot taste: spicy


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