BajuTua / Vintage / White Flower Mexican Hand Embroidered Dress-Red

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BajuTua / Vintage / White Flower Mexican Hand Embroidered Dress-Red


For the actual color, please refer to the flat or close-up image. Please read down on the precautions for purchase. model: Male 170 cm/ 57 kg Female 153 cm/ 43 kg /Size/ The product may have a measurement gap of ± 2 cm, please pay attention Collar width: 22 cm Shoulder width: 52 cm Sleeve length: 16 cm Cuff width: 27 cm Chest width: 60 cm Length: 119 cm Hem width: 71 cm Fork: 18 cm Commodity status: For a long time, embroidered clothing from Mexico or other Central and South America has a magical power that makes girls who love special colors and ethnic objects love it. The floral embroidery, pattern and embroidery techniques above are the Spanish colonial style that has been passed down for generations, and each piece of clothing shows the makers' years of skill. The style of this dress is a common embroidered dress in the central province of Puebla, Mexico. It is handmade by local women who are good at embroidery craftsmanship. Depending on the size and complexity of the picture, an embroidery fabric takes about two weeks to two months. Even longer. The patterns are derived from the things around life and the flowers, plants, insects and birds in nature, or ancient myths and legends. If the peacock pattern is embroidered on it, it is a symbol of luck. The patterns are concentrated on the chest and front, and there is no pattern on the back except for the back. The thickness is moderate and thin, and the length is too long, so it can be worn alone. Well preserved overall Fit size SL material: 100% cotton Attention! Please read carefully before buying! # ★This mall focuses on old clothing with preservation value in the 60s and 70s. The goods have unavoidable traces of use. There are occasional new stocks. Those who don't like second-hand products, please take a detour! ★Clothes may have buckles, yellow stains, small dirt, holes.... Defects, we will clean and repair them before they are put on the shelf. If the stains cannot be removed or other obvious defects that cannot be repaired, they will be listed on the product page Note, please think twice about placing an order on impulse, unacceptable buyers please refrain from buying ★Please confirm the size before subscripting, or ask your questions, and we will not accept returns based on the size or marked defects. Cash on delivery service is not provided. After confirming the purchase, please complete the payment within seven days of the system reminding you. Please do not arbitrarily abandon the bid and destroy the integrity ★The color displayed on the screen of each computer is slightly different. The original color of the product has been shown in the picture as much as possible. If there is a color difference after receipt, please forgive me.


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