Auspicious Lollipop for the Year of the Tiger (Chocolate) A Lollipop with auspicious language specially designed for the Year of the Tiger

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Auspicious Lollipop for the Year of the Tiger (Chocolate) A Lollipop with auspicious language specially designed for the Year of the Tiger


※※ The minimum shipment of this product must be more than 10 pieces※※ ※※ Bowknot packaging style: The color of the bowknot on the package is randomly mixed and shipped (please do not specify the color) ※※ The Q-version tiger shape designed and drawn by myself combined with auspicious words A total of six patterns (mix and match random shipments) 2022 Tiger Roaring Auspicious 2022 is even more powerful 2022 Fuhushengfeng Happy Year of the Tiger 2022 2022 Tiger Strength (Taiwanese: Tiger Strength = for you) 2022 Hulifafa (Taiwanese: Huli = for you) ► Are the ingredients of the transfer pattern edible? The customized products are all transferred to the chocolate through the photo production system. The materials are all imported from the United States and printed on edible color water and edible transfer paper approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration), and approved by SGS Foods Safety certification and test report, you can taste with peace of mind. ► Optional special transparent blister packaging: Animal Kingdom, White Romance, Happy Bear, printed with food-grade fog film, simple, hygienic and cute, not only greatly enhances the texture of customized products, but also provides comprehensive protection of chocolate, please Specify the packaging style when ordering. ► Specially blended "Belgian Tempered Dark Chocolate" and "Roasted Peanuts" to increase the mellow and smooth taste of chocolate. ►All products are delivered by refrigerated home delivery. (Does the chocolate have to be refrigerated after receiving it?) In fact, the best storage temperature for chocolate is 15-18ºC (generally, the temperature of the refrigerator is about 3-10ºC, but there is a problem that the temperature is too low), and the melting temperature of chocolate is about 32ºC, so it still depends on whether the chocolate can be stored at room temperature. It depends on the actual field temperature. In principle, chocolate does melt under the sun on a hot summer day, but it is not easy to melt in a cool indoor air-conditioned place. However, in order to avoid temperature changes affecting the appearance of chocolate, sugar +1 Generally, it is recommended that the goods can be refrigerated and stored after receiving them, and insist that the goods should be refrigerated for home delivery regardless of summer or winter. ►About home delivery (please read carefully) ⭕️All products are delivered at low temperature and refrigerated ❌No room temperature home delivery ❌Cannot pick up in store ❌ No cash on delivery ►Black cat delivery service (delivery the next day) 👉In the event of a prosperous logistics period: such as the Chinese New Year, Dragon Boat Festival or Mid-Autumn Festival, Double 11, Double 12 Shopping Festival, the next day is not guaranteed to arrive 👉In the event of a typhoon, heavy rain and natural disasters, the news announcement that the delivery area will be suspended, it will be postponed to normal work before resuming delivery 👉Home delivery time can be selected (not specified, before 13:00 in the morning, 14:00~18:00 in the afternoon), basically the delivery company is on time, but there is no guarantee, if it is an important event, it is recommended to receive it one or two days in advance Safer (chocolate shelf life is 14 days) 👉The correct delivery time depends on the logistics home delivery company --------------------------------- product name: Lollipop with auspicious words for the Year of the Tiger Product content: Bow package/single. The diameter is 3.5cm and the weight is about 10g. The lollipop is about 16cm in length. Taste introduction: Milk Chocolate Flavor + Peanuts storage method: Refrigerated storage is recommended. Cool and cold climate, can be stored at room temperature, please store in a cool and dry place. In hot climates, if it is not possible to refrigerate, please place it in a cool place with air-conditioning. Shelf life: 14 days


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😊The minimum shipment of this product must be more than 10 pieces😊 2022 Tiger Roaring Auspicious. 2022 is even more powerful. 2022 is blessed with tigers and winds. 2022 is a good year for the Year of the Tiger. 2022 Tiger Strength (Taiwanese: Tiger Strength = for you). 2022 Hulifafa (Taiwanese: Huli = for you).


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