กิจกรรม "ขูดปั๊บรับส่วนลด"

รับเงินรางวัลไปเลย X 2 เมื่อร่วมเล่นเกมส์ "ขูดปั๊บรับส่วนลด" ตอนนี้!!!

"Flower" - Lavender Purple Crystal + Aquamarine + Blue Moonstone sterling silver bracelet Hong Kong original design


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    **OUR original design. Do not copy the same industry**

    **Lavender Purple Crystal + Aquamarine + Blue Moonstone sterling silver bracelet**
    **Purple Rutile Quartz + Aquamarine + Moonstone Silver Bracelet**

    Color: purple
    Origin: Brazil
    Chemical formula: SiO2
    Hardness: 7
    Material: Natural Lavender Violet Crystals, Aquamarine, Blue Moonstone 925 Silver (International Grade 925)
    Size: ball diameter of 8,7 mm
    (Spar is man-made, with +/- 0.2 difference)
    ***Our full use of natural spar and ore, is guaranteed to be 100% natural real goods; if false, can be doubled.**

    **Lavender purple hair crystal**
    **Purple Rutile Quartz**
    Lavender violet hair is an extremely rare spar; in the crystal and rutile integration; and rutile is a titanium dioxide minerals. Lavender purple hair crystal containing acicular or hair crystal, delicate hair showing fresh, clear and visible silk and soft. Such stones can enhance the balance between spirit and body, and have the function of cleansing the mind, purifying the negative energy attached to the energy field and adjusting the energy vibration to a high frequency state. Such gems can be more calming, smoothing, stabilizing, Eliminating unconscious or disconnected patterns of thinking helps identify the power of emotions.
    In addition, Violet Crystal has a very strong purifying power. The fluctuations it produces resonate with our own fluctuations, boosting our energy to higher levels, while enhancing our potential, judgment, memory, Creativity and intuition; turning negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Lavender Violet Crystal can also treat stress, activate metabolism, improve immunity, and treat the lymphatic system.

    Aquamarine, also known as aquamarine, has a legend in Ancient Rome that "the treasures of the sea elves have been ashore and become gems." Since ancient times, this precious stone has also been given a creative and independent way of life to move forward, giving rational mobility and enhancing the effectiveness of expressiveness. Aquamarine also symbolizes a carefree life and interest in life. It is also thought to smooth the expression of language and help you express yourself and improve communication skills. In addition, this gem and can inhibit rhinitis, sore throat treatment, fever, lower blood pressure, relieve mood, but also the effectiveness of purifying the blood.

    Moonstone in Europe, also known as "stone lovers." The moon symbolizes the feminine face, the main feelings. When there is trouble, and make the mood becomes uneasy, the moonstone with the side, you can calm the emotions and emotions. Moonstone can improve the intuitive power, rich emotional surface, but also to promote the role of intrinsic growth; also activate the metabolism, and can play a healing effect. In addition, the moonstone can also fresh thinking, eliminate stress and improve the role of obesity and hysteria.

    **<Method of Measuring Handcuffs>**
    - Use a soft ruler around the wrist protruding bone position
    - Do not tighten, do not reserve space
    - Gently paste in your hand to measure
    - The designer will adjust the length of the bracelet for you
    - Please use cm more accurate measurement
    **- If hand more than 16cm, extra charges apply**

    **<Product Maintenance>**
    - Pay silver brush and moisture proof bag
    - Brush silver cloth can brush bright silver, but silver cloth can not be washed with water
    - Silver can not be washed with silver water
    - When not wearing can be placed in moisture-proof bags, can be used to prevent oxidation
    - Take a bath and sleep
    - Spar to purify more in order to maintain the effectiveness of spar energy
    - Bracelets if damaged in the future, can be sent back to repair

    **<Product Service>**
    Mailing method:
    There are two ways to send mail to Taiwan: -
    1. Mail Registered: -
    - Sent from Hong Kong about 5-8 working days can be received
    2 SF Express: -
    - Sent from Hong Kong about 2-4 days to receive

    Send to Malaysia mailing time: -
    1. Mail Registered: -
    - Sent from Hong Kong about 7-10 business days can be received
    2 SF Express: -
    - Sent from Hong Kong about 3-6 days to receive
    **- Additional shipping costs, please contact the designer**

    Other countries mailing time: -
    - Please contact the designer to calculate the time


    Since ancient times, spar has an important impact on people's lives, its more rich connotation and meaning remains to be discovered. Emphasis on seeking truth from facts, the modern science, the use of crystal piezoelectric effect generated by the shock or light waves to create many high-end medical equipment. In addition, the energy of spargy to the healing of the spirit more certain help Ye, it uses the energy of the spar magnetic induction, benefit from the body's chakra operation, to enhance the individual's energy field. For a long time, people believe that spar has the role of regulation and protection of mood, spirit, body condition and surrounding environment.
    In addition, Spar has something to feel and feel, their body and color can extend subconscious minds want to convey. One can try to touch the crystal with the body to gain access to the state with which it communicates; and the message of consciousness becomes the transmitter of the forward frequency, sending current out of the brain, transforming this current into a belief that closely influences the interaction between body and mind .

    Founded in 2002, Crystalplus's physical store has been setting out from nature, focusing on natural materials, carefully considering the spar and stone characteristics, and designing different accessories through the "find, find, balance and coordinate" attitude, breaking through the usual design patterns And practices, and to different styles of original, into the changes in the sense of modern life, to convey a deeper concept of design. Our gem designer aqua has been engaged in spar-related work for a long time, often exploring different spar interaction characteristics, and using different colors, spar properties changes, and then to each other; the gem Science, science and aesthetics combine to play a layered and rich color sense of design, and ingenious and skilled techniques to create a new mind design jewelry.
    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Origin: Brazil handmade Hong Kong original design
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"Flower" - Lavender Purple Crystal + Aquamarine + Blue Moonstone sterling silver bracelet Hong Kong original design

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