Charlene Traction-Very Fine Silk Bracelet 38a Single Line Monochrome-Hand-made Bracelet Bracelet to Chain Anklet

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Charlene Traction-Very Fine Silk Bracelet 38a Single Line Monochrome-Hand-made Bracelet Bracelet to Chain Anklet


/ 💜💜**Product Story**💜💜 / Silk hand Is a hand rope Also a jewelry More traction Red reminds me to give myself courage Orange, I remember to go home often to eat with my parents. Green is to commemorate how hard I worked that summer. Yellow is saying yes! Every day, I have the energy to face everything. Choose a color style to make it represent my story Every one of them is worn on the hand. Let me remember those people, those past, present, and future that should not be forgotten. ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**This page item**💜💜 / _ This style jewelry size is only S, this page is S + light fruit green, thin line - single line monochrome, jewelry number 38a (product title is noted) _ _The same jewelry, jewelry number is the same, the letter is different, ex: can enter the "very fine silk hand rope 17" on the website to search for the same paragraph _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Product styles in the hall**💜💜 / _Ying silk hand rope --__thin line__style: _ _Ying silk hand rope --__thick line__style: _ _ Single line monochrome, double line two-color models (plus 2 positioning pieces can make the main decoration fixed in the middle, if you do not need to be sure to note, can not be modified after production) _ _The perfect design of copper bead closure, the advantage is that the finishing bead will not cause the sharpness of the elbow when wearing, and there is no extra line segment exposed, suitable for long-term wear and not removed _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Option**💜💜 / __copper jewelry__size, style &__粗粗线___ _Hand rope color change please leave a message (but the thickness line options are different), the shipment above the "/ 💜💜**this page product**💜💜 /" description shall prevail,__jewelry size style & thickness line__if needed Please confirm beforehand if it can be replaced. ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Product Description**💜💜 / _Colored silk thread + gold pure copper jewelry _ _ Commodity story definition of color is just an example, you define your own story ~_ _Pure copper jewelry is initially golden, and Dai will present a distressed retro color _ _The end of the copper bead is designed to maintain a minimalist design. Compared with the fasteners, the disadvantage is that it is not easy to wear for the first time, or you can ask your relatives and friends for assistance. _ Ying silk wire is not easy to break, it is not suitable as a wishing rope that will be broken for a long time _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**foot rope**💜💜 / _ more than 20.5cm for the size of the foot rope (limited to 35cm), the following orders for the hand rope order (one foot rope = two items): ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Necklace**💜💜 / _ more than 35cm for the size of the necklace (limited to 70cm), the additional requirements for the hand rope order to purchase the following page (one necklace = two items): ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Retractable models**💜💜 / "" Zoom in on the bracelet before wearing"": 1. Fixed Fixed main rope, one end caught "__ball at the knot +__" horizontal movement distance can be adjusted (if not pull the other line is represented mainline) 2. The other end is the same,__moving, be sure to hold the ball + knot__ 3. The direction of the two beads is narrowed, otherwise it is enlarged _ _ Ying silk hand rope itself is relatively smooth, often have a unilateral wire running position, will not loosen, as long as you pull the adjustment _ _ Jewelry does not necessarily stay in the middle position, the larger the copper jewelry, the more it will move to both sides _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Specifications**💜💜 / _Please pay attention to the thread size! ! The thin line is very thin! The thin wire diameter is about 0.5~1mm, and the thick wire diameter is about 1.2~1.8mm_ _Every piece of jewelry needs to be finished and worn before it is worn for a long time. The price is slightly adjusted due to different processing time. _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Maintenance method**💜💜 / _Pure copper jewelry is initially golden, wearing a distressed retro color for a long time _ _ often wear less oxidized, pure copper jewelry maintenance can be used cotton swab + copper oil (hardware line) to wipe, salad, toothpaste also has some effects, please avoid the silk thread when maintenance _ _ Ying silk thread is not easy to fade, not afraid of water, but need to avoid rough friction _ _ Designer wearing lucky red & cream white for about two years, 24 hours (including bathing sea water swimming) are not removed, color and new products are not much different, but according to personal habits & perceptions, for reference only _ _When not wearing, please ensure that it is dry and placed in the attached zipper bag to be isolated from the air_ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**production & delivery time**💜💜 / _ Shipment time: In principle, it does not include 3 to 5 days of holiday shipments (post office & overseas holiday), and the longest delivery within 10 days will be announced in advance, thanks to ~_ _Subscription date is based on the correct order content and the payment date is completed _ _ Sometimes the order is shipped the same day, if there are remarks, please be sure to leave a message when you place an order _ _ Super business mailings arrive in about 2~3 days, the post office registration is about 1~2 days, please pay attention to the receiving time, the check-up documents are only kept for 2 weeks _ _ 3~4 days after shipment, no goods have been received. Please confirm: Is there any person collecting / / post office registration and recruitment order / / contact pick-up super-business has arrived, if the unclaimed item is returned Shipping, you need to pay another shipping fee 喔^^||, thank you~_ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Size measurement method**💜💜 / Please cut __ _ <rope / clothmeasure>__surround__<wearing position>__, then open perimeter marked by the length, select__<actual size>__or__<wear desired size> __ ( For example, if you want to wear 15, you want to wear 15, choose 15~15.5 size)_ _Already reserved size, do not increase by yourself_ _If the size is wrong, you can change it to a small size, and you need to ask the buyer to pay the return shipping + modification fee of $120. Please choose the correct size!!! _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Special attention to points**💜💜 / _Charlene is a small design studio with limited manpower> __Amateur time__>Reply message & create goods please forgive me!!_ _Each item is packaged separately. When storing, do not fold, tie, clip or press the Ying silk thread, otherwise it will cause deformation of the wire _ _The design has both advantages and disadvantages. If you don't accept it, please don't order ^^||, if you have any questions, you can discuss it before ordering and after receiving the goods. The designers are very sincere in communication~~Do not Feel free to give points, thank you ~_ _ I am looking forward to cherishing your evaluation. Many people give encouragement and support. I am really touched!!! ^___^ Work is busy and can't reply one by one, please forgive me. If you need to reply, please let me know, thank you 喔~_ _The styles and accessories are different in price. If you make a mistake, please ask Pinkoi customer service to cancel the order. If you need to return the difference in the envelope, you need to deduct the difference of 40%. _ In case of shipping error, the designer will be responsible for replacing and paying back and forth postage, please let me know _~ _Manually tailor-made goods, unless the shipment is wrong, no return will be provided _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Product Content**💜💜 / _ traction - Ying silk hand rope _ _Each hand rope is attached: merchandise story card, business card, maintenance instruction card, professional jewelry zipper bag, wrapping paper bag *** There is also a paper for the gift slip (business card size), please leave a message. ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Ying silk color selection**💜💜 / _Color enlargement page_ _ Ying silk line thick / fine contrast (model hand circumference 13.5) _ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Silver Edition Page**💜💜 / _There is another sterling silver jewelry bracelet in the library, the price is different, please refer to the silver page ~~ ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**No main decoration page**💜💜 / ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Two-color section page**💜💜 / _ Most of the jewelry in the museum can be changed to two-color production (but please ask in advance), you must purchase the following order, you can specify the string single or double string, if not specified, the designer will match _ _If you need to change to the fastener end or two-color $35, you need to purchase the following accessories order (please leave a message note), no remarks, double-line monochrome shipment _ Fastener closure: Copper Beads Finish: ____________________________________________ / 💜💜**Origin / manufacturing methods**💜💜 / Taiwan / hand weaving


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"Choose a color style to make it represent my story Every one of them is worn on the hand. Let me remember those people, those things that should not be forgotten, the present, the future."


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