6A Blue Aquamarine Moonstone 5A ice kind of natural stone bracelet 7A Stone

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6A Blue Aquamarine Moonstone 5A ice kind of natural stone bracelet 7A Stone


**Moonstone** ◆The birthstone of June birth is also called "the Stone of lovers". It can enhance the emotional relationship between couples. If there is a quarrel, it can also relieve and promote reconciliation. It is very suitable for people with a significant other. ◆ Moonstone also has a strong effect of stabilizing emotions. If you often feel emotional ups and downs and easily agitated, you can try to wear a moonstone to relieve negative emotions and restore peace of mind. ◆Help sleep Insomnia is often caused by anxiety and stress, and moonstone can help us relieve these negative emotions and sleep better. **Aquamarine** ◆The birthstone of March is a symbol of composure and bravery. ◆It can protect the safety of maritime workers and travelers, so it is also known as a blessed sea Stone. ◆Strengthen communication skills and increase self-confidence. **Stone** ◆ aquamarine Stone is an excellent meditation Stone, gentle and powerful energy, can absorb negative energy into positive energy conversion, healing the wounds of the soul, soothing mood, and it does not retain negative energy, so no degaussing, the use of very convenient. ◆It can stimulate potential, which is very helpful for creativity and communication skills. It can also strengthen logical skills, make our thoughts clearer, and help us make the right decision! **[Material and size]** ◆6A blue moonstone about 8MM ◆6A blue moonstone about 6MM ◆5A ice type Aquamarine about 6MM ◆ 7A aquamarine Stone about 4MM ◆Metal fittings 925 sterling silver ◆Wire stretch yarn imported from Japan **The size of the beads will be slightly different due to the different materials of each batch** **The design of the bracelet will be slightly different depending on the size. Beads will be added or reduced at the end of the bracelet to make adjustments to fit the size of your hand.** **[Is the photo exactly the same as the actual product? 】** ◆ The products are all taken in kind, but because each monitor has a slightly different color, and the texture and color of each natural stone/batch is unique, it will not be exactly the same. We will try our best to make the photo similar to the actual product, but not the same as the photo 100 % Is exactly the same. ◆ The color of natural stone will look slightly different under different light conditions~ ◆The bracelet is made of natural crystals and minerals. Each has different textures, crystals and even colors. It will be carefully selected when making, but natural crystals and minerals must have ice cracks, cotton wool, impurities, etc., which are not perfect. , Perfectionists suggest that you can go to the scene to choose~ ◆The bracelet will be fine-tuned and designed according to the size of your hand circumference, mainly by adding or reducing beads at the end of the bracelet to match the size of your hand circumference, so it is not exactly the same as the photo. **[How to measure hand circumference]** Confirm the position of the bracelet to be worn, and use a soft ruler to make a circle around it. [No need to reserve the length], we will add it according to the style and the size of the beads. Make it from 1-2.5 cm on top. ***Please carefully measure the size of the hand circumference, the order size is the size of the net hand circumference, not the size of the bracelet length*** **[How long will it take to ship?]** After payment, the production will start, and it will be shipped in about 5 working days (excluding holidays). If the production is completed early, it will be shipped early. If there is an urgent item, you can ask before placing an order~ **【special attention items】** ◆ Customized products: Each product is an exclusive custom-made product that is hand-made after the order is placed. All are [no seven-day appreciation period], and there is no return/exchange service. Please think twice before placing an order. ◆The products are customized after subscripts. Subjective factors such as difference from imagination, color difference, unsuitability, etc. are not accepted for return/exchange. **【Precautions for maintenance】** ◆ When taking off, please pay special attention to avoid strong pulling and collision. ◆ Avoid contact with chemical substances and avoid high temperature. ◆ Please try to keep it dry!!! When not wearing it, please wipe it clean and keep it sealed. ◆ It is not recommended to wear a bath, soak in hot springs, soak in sea water, spray perfume or engage in sports that cause a lot of sweat. ◆ For 14KGF, 925 Silver metal fittings, if the color becomes dark due to oxidation, you can wipe it with a Silver wiping cloth to restore the luster. ◆ Good use and maintenance habits can not only keep the jewelry in the best condition and extend the life of the jewelry! ◆ The wire is a consumable and needs to be replaced regularly~ In the selection of materials, we have specially selected good quality brands, which are relatively durable~ But it will still vary according to personal usage habits and maintenance methods~ **[After-sales maintenance service]****Round-trip freight is borne by the buyer**. ◆If you need to modify the size of the bracelet you receive, please contact us within [within a week], and you can modify it once for free.**Round-trip shipping is borne by the buyer**. ◆Replacement of German multi-strand steel wire for 150 yuan ◆German crystal line for 100 yuan ◆The elastic thread imported from Japan is changed to 50 yuan ◆If the beads are missing, they will be charged according to the type and quantity. If the beads are out of stock, they cannot be repaired.


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◆6A blue moonstone about 8MM ◆6A blue moonstone about 6MM ◆5A ice type Aquamarine about 6MM ◆ 7A aquamarine Stone about 4MM ◆Metal fittings 925 sterling silver ◆Wire stretch yarn imported from Japan


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