Fendo forest three-color vase diffuser | Taiwan elm oil special aromatherapy instrument

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A special diffuser for pure essential oils, aromatherapy machine or cold incense meter, non-oxygen machine, suitable for


Freedom Shining

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Fendo forest three-color vase diffuser | Taiwan elm oil special aromatherapy instrument


│Taiwan Elm essential oil special diffuser Fall in love with a journey of simmering in the oil mist. Close your eyes and enjoy your body and mind in the embrace of Taiwan's eucalyptus fragrance. https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/922/42511625364_a8cf340b23_o.jpg │Please use the quality guaranteed Taiwan Elm pure oil Spread the essential oil in the room, It can reduce the amount of microbes floating in the air indoors, while also reducing the chance of being affected by infectious diseases in the office or waiting room. There are even related reports that Spreading essential oils in a room or house can drive out difficult molds out of your home. See the book "The healing wisdom of essential oils" https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1806/42510948064_b931b25023_o.jpg │No water, no heating, safer to use As long as the essential oil is dripped, you can enjoy a pure atomized fragrance. Without heating, the essential oil components are not damaged, and can be absorbed by the body in the most primitive state; the entire aromatization process does not add water, so the interior can be kept dry, the most natural way to spread the fragrance, and it is safer to use. Using the Law of Fluid Flow in Bainu Flow and the Lenard Ion Effect, The vacuum is pulled by the airflow to suck up the essential oil, and after the inner wall of the glass bottle hits the wall, it is atomized into fine molecules. The smaller essential oil molecules will disperse into the air with the airflow through the narrow pores, and the larger essential oil molecules It is blocked and returned to the bottom of the glass bottle and then circulated again. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f0j2BOoY-Ss │Maximum decibel The data provided by the film, when we spin to the end to run at full speed, With a measuring distance of approximately 5 cm, the maximum decibel of the motor is measured to be 45 dB. The sound source distance and the set strength have different results; the 45 dB comparison is measured from the electric fan 5 cm distance. │Circular operation mechanism After two minutes of starting, it will pause for one minute and then restart, and continue to cycle. When it is turned on for two hours, it will automatically turn off, which is to prevent the motor from overheating. If you need to restart, please turn it off and on. https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1781/43180042132_63572b6c05_o.jpg │No step speed knob It is convenient for you to fine-tune the effect of the fragrance. Rotate clockwise to operate, up to 3/4 turn is the biggest diffusing effect; Conversely, when closing, turn it counterclockwise to the end. It is recommended to first adjust the fog to appear at the beginning, then fine tune to the effect you want. https://c2.staticflickr.com/2/1830/29358158168_a86d092229_o.jpg │ avoid resonance Put a black soundproofing pad on the bottom. Eli fixes the diffuser and prevents it from slipping, while avoiding excessive sound from the desktop due to resonance. https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/835/28361143667_fec39d497b_o.jpg │The best machine Generally available in the market for the characteristics of Taiwan's elm pure oil, Only a small amount of drops can be dripped. When the machine is blocked, it should be cleaned immediately. The cleaning is complicated. The diffuser sold by Fendo Forest has been improved. The high-powered motor can easily produce the fragrance of Taiwanese eucalyptus. The use of glass bottles is long. You only need to clean and maintain it once in a while. Please set the amount of essential oil to be used once, otherwise the natural essential oil will be more difficult to hit when it is exposed to the environment for a long time. https://c1.staticflickr.com/1/847/42511008824_92e86b124d_o.jpg │Usage space The diffuser is suitable for use in "open spaces". Whether it is to receive the guest's living room, sleepy bedroom, healing and stable study room and family room. Let the home environment be full of forest fragrance, intoxicated to smell. After the Fenduo forest survey, The full-speed diffuser is effective in the 8 to 10 ping range. Depending on the ambient humidity, airflow (electric fan, air-conditioning), there are different fragrance feelings. │Product Specifications A group of Fendo forest ‧ three-color vase diffuser Glass bottle (with lid), maximum diameter of about 4.5 cm; height after insertion is about 15 cm Machine base with a maximum diameter of about 12 cm and a maximum height of about 5 cm Transformer plug, input: 100-240V 50-60Hz 0.2A; output: 12V 0.2A Another 3 cc dropper, manual (including warranty information) Packing: buffer foam carton packaging Scope of use: at home, office, etc., large space is slower Precautions: For external use only, do not touch the eyes or mouth and keep away from the reach of infants. If you feel unwell, stop using it immediately. For the one-year warranty from the date of purchase, repair the problem under the correct use, please read the instructions and keep it in a safe place.


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