Yun Lisi and big friend Ima lalu su what is your name CD

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This album contains the co-creation of Yun Lisi and the four Atayal tribes.



1 - 3 วัน
1 - 3 วัน
Yun Lisi and big friend Ima lalu su what is your name CD


The title was inspired by the real experience of Yunlisi in the tribe. When asked about the tribe’s children, “What is your name? Ima lalu su? (In Thai)” They usually answer the Chinese name and ask the name of Atayal. The children mostly Just shook his head and was unclear or unwilling to mention "that name." This seemingly simple question profoundly reflects the real predicament faced by contemporary tribes in a strong culture and limited living space: tribal language is forgotten and the real name is hidden. Yun Lisi decided to use the new song as a practical path. After five years, he walked through the Hsinchu Shuitian tribe, the Taipei Wulai tribe, and the tribe of Nantou’s tribesmen. The Hsinchu high mountain tribe, Simakus, who sailed all the way to over 1,500 meters above sea level, guided through daily conversations with his children. The child speaks his native language, thinks and sings in his native language, develops his own creative story, and recovers the lost Thai culture and spirit. **About album design** The Golden Melody Award "Best Album Package Award" was established in 2010. For six years, designer Luo Wenyu (岑岑) has made profound visual and image interpretations of his musical works and has been honored with the Golden Melody Award for five times! This year, she and the illustrator Tsai An Teng and the font creator Wu Zhiying created a stroke of crayons and playfulness for the album, breaking the stereotype of the popular music of the aborigines, and once again breaking through many popular music works in Taiwan. The big tree team and Yan have this idea in the early stage of production: because they are albums that sing along with children, they are also expressed in illustrations that imitate children's books. Big Tree Gardener started a large number of collections of illustration works. Among the many wonderful collections, everyone agreed that Tsai An-Teng's style was the most suitable for the idea of the album, so he was invited to join the production team of this album. After a series of creations and selection of paintings, he went to the studio of Itanium to see the original work. In his studio, he accidentally saw a card frame sent by his friend Ao Zhi (Wu Zhiying) to him. On the wall, it looks like a simple, yet deeply sketched font: It's not just the album! So she was invited to create a font for the album's name. The album emphasizes the image of the mountain and seeks for the images of the Atayal. It is particularly interested in the weaving culture that is typical of Atayal and is commonly used in various life experiences. It is decided to subvert the spring with the fine lines and typography. The pattern of traditional lyrics put together these new Atayal children's gongs into a long woven tying design. In addition, the size of this album is particularly larger than the average to highlight the power of Itanium illustration works. Tracks: 01. Song for Mom 02. I wish to be a bird 03. We drink the water from Yexi (Axi) 04. Bee Song 05. I want to stylize 06. Where do I come from? 07. Kid Song 08. Niq Niq Song 09. I will take care of our ancestral home of Atayal 10. My Marcus song 11. Song of Spring 12. Weaving songs 13. What is your name? 14. A knife for his grandfather 15. Where are you going


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