Shika Vintage Bag // PVC Amoeba side back bag / antique bag old things leather old classic only this one

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Shika Vintage Bag // PVC Amoeba side back bag / antique bag old things leather old classic only this one


/ Size, size, size / / Material / PVC / New level Description / Accessories items as shown Vintage goods must have some traces of use, fine lines abrasion wear are inevitable, but does not affect the use of Please note! This product does not accept the return of goods, have any questions or photos are not clear where it is welcome We will reply as soon as possible, thanks again Leather products we also provide maintenance or renovation services, if demand welcome letter to discuss ◎ Maintenance Tips: 1, in general, most of the first clean bags with a variety of different materials for cleaning brushes or clean cotton, Remove dust and dirt. 2, leather bags If you use a leather cleaner to wipe, wipe the mirror lens cloth is generally cheap and easy to use a good helper, Will not scratch your beloved bag, even smear can make the bag to restore luster. 3, both ends of a gray pencil, pencil eraser, can be used as a suede bag cleaning tool, If it is slightly dirty, wipe off it with a white eraser that usually wipes the pencil; serious dirt, Available eraser pen eraser eraser to remove the gray, because the friction is stronger, but get started lighter, So as not to damage the bag. 4, clean the nylon material package and cloth bread, you can use the non-drip wet cloth gently press the surface of the bag, In addition to silk, silk and satin bags, you can try to toothpaste to do local cleaning toothpaste. 5, regardless of any kind of material package, after cleaning should be placed in ventilated place dry, do not go to get the sun, Because after the water scrub bag, it is the most vulnerable time, a sudden high temperature exposure, can cause the bag to fade or leather harden, brittle. 6, nowadays all kinds of package models, often composite of different materials, such as suede bag, leather and the like, cleaning should be handled separately; In addition, if there are rivets on the bag or metal buckles and other materials, but also must pay attention to the use of clean metal cleaner to carefully care, Do not rust the metal part of the overall beauty of the bag. 7, good use of dust bag comes bundled, if you really are not using the bag, remember to pack some empty bags or old clothing out of shape, Into the dust bag storage, storage, but also to avoid folding and weight, so as not to cause creases or cracks. Origin / manufacturing methods Unable to confirm


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