Goddess mask l full effect very moisturizing moisturizing mask moisturizing maintenance

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niangniang เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

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Goddess mask l full effect very moisturizing moisturizing mask moisturizing maintenance


Goddess mask X chapter Jie cross-border joint creation classic
Niang Niang × Ancajaier
Aesthetic packaging created by rising artist Ancajaier, exclusively for NIANG NIANG.

Cooperative packaging art photographer
Zhangjie (Ancajaier)
Taipei-born New York artist / traveler / photographer, with eyes that some life surprises. Graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Master of Arts and Design, Georgia, USA,
Served as manager of the Maghran photographic news agency Magnum Photos New York Division, she is the only Taiwanese girls, and in the international community has received dozens of major photography awards.
Featured Artist
Ancajaier (Yvonne Lu)
Taipei-born, New York-based, Yvonne Lu started her creative career as a fine art artist / photographer / writer after graduating from Savannah College of Art and Design. Her past experiences include freelance assistant for Magnum Photos. Over the past few years, Her works have been awarded by International Photography Awards (USA), IPPAwards (USA), Nikon Photography Award (Japan) and Prix de la Photographic Paris (France).

Full effect of extreme moisturizing moisturizing mask
❤ main ingredient
Bird's nest royal concubines exclusive top-level maintenance Royal
Bird's nest has always been the ancient royal concubines are the most beautiful beauty beauty products, but also in a lot of ancient books recorded in the health of the bird's nest nourishing effect, from the inside out of youth energy, all-round repair skin
Bird's Nest - the empresses' favorite skin care remedy
Highly praised by ancient Chinese royals, the bird's nest has long been the ultimate treat for luxurious health and skin care.

❤ no pigment spices, no heavy metals, no adverse chemical composition
Increasing skin elasticity while firming and nourishing skin for all skin types
100% Skin Friendly

✘ Poor chemical composition ✘ Heavy metal ✘ Mineral oil ✘ Pigment spice
✘Paraben preservative ✘ alcohol ✘ fluorescent agent
No hastics chemicals. No heavy oil. No no chemicals. No dats. No rub.

❤ Mask material description
Invisible Tencel Mask Light. thin. through
High affinity skin x high permeability x high lock water x high service degree
Using from Austria, and processing in Japan, special grade silk cloth, the process of zero pollution.
Natural mild and not sensitized, high biosecurity, excellent air permeability, high water absorption, effective introduction of the essence of ingredients, while thin and perfect obese oriental face lines, there are invisible mask, like the body of the "second layer of skin" The
TENCEL® Invisible Mask
Permeable. Absorbent. Skin-Friendly.
Made with TENCEL® fibers from Austria, eco-friendly processed in Japan, the specially-made TENCEL® SKIN fibers are silky, smooth, and brelish the optimum absorption and release of the essence while being light and translucent enough to fit like a second skin The

❤ capacity
Six packs / box
Each mask contains a full 25ml essence
Equivalent to the skin into a bottle of essence of the nutrients,
Feel the unprecedented moist and transparent sense of lasting!
Six pieces / Box
Each mask is packed with 25ml of concentrated essence, that is, a full bottle of hydration. The potent treatment for skin a long-lasting radiant and smooth appearance.

❤ Suitable for skin
For skin: neutral, oily, dry, sensitive, lees muscle, mixed skin are applicable

❤ Applicable object
✔ Want to strengthen the overall resistance of the skin
✔ Want to improve the skin's water retention and slippery tenderness, call back healthy skin condition
✔ Want to improve rough skin
- Aiming for a total skin enhancement
- require any intensive hydration
- Uneven skin texture

❤ love users praise
Miss Chinese beauty beauty - snow Po
Snow Po recommended emergency money. When the frequent make-up or excessive sun, she will be in bed or go out before applying this 20 minutes, long-term moisturizing skin resistance and strength to 90% or more.
Sharon Lin, Miss Eloquence of Miss Chinese Cosmos Pageant Singapore Region 2016
Moisturizing & Repairing Double Effect Mask is Sharon's first aid beauty treatment including her kin is overexposed to sun or irritated by constant makeup. Applying for on face for 20 minutes before bed or going out helps her revitalize her skin.
Origin / manufacturing method
Made in Taiwan

Quality certification
Godiang mask full range of products are through the cosmetics GMP and ISO22716 professional double certification
ISO22716 & GMP certified.


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