Amulet | Fallen Design Six-Word Mantra Ice Black Obelisk Avoiding Evil Silver Bracelet

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Combine the six-character mantra with "sterling silver" and "ice-type obsidian" to enhance your body's protective effect. The simple small hexagonal body makes the amulet also very design.



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Amulet | Fallen Design Six-Word Mantra Ice Black Obelisk Avoiding Evil Silver Bracelet


Three-dimensional small hexagonal
Every side is engraved with "唵咪咪吽" Sanskrit "ॐ मणिपद्मे हूं"

"唵叭咪吽" is a curse that Guanyin Bodhisattva is willing to bless.

Combine the six-character mantra with "sterling silver" and "ice type obsidian"
Strengthen your body protection for you

Simple small hexagonal
Let the amulet also have a sense of design

*Note: The micro-transparent coffee color beads are ice-faced obsidian. Compared with the general obsidian, it is less heavy, not only has the black scorpion evasive effect, but also highlights your uniqueness.

**◈ Product details**
The thickness of the bracelet is about 1mm, and the cubic six-word rumor is about 1.5cm.
This full chain length 15cm + 3cm extension chain, suitable for close to the hand circumference 14.5cm-17.5cm

If the hand circumference is <14cm, please note the order and fine-tune it for you.
If the hand circumference is >17.5cm, please discuss it in private before placing an order. Thank you.
If there are other needs, welcome to the private message :)

**◈ Moonlight traits**
✦黑曜石✦ can absorb negative energy, avoid evil,
It is a good amulet and can help sleep and make it easier to fall asleep.

**☾✦ exquisite packaging**
__{jewel box & jewelry storage bag}__Fallen generous, suitable for gift giving, and can save jewelry.
__{Silver Maintenance Group}__Uniquely provided with silver cloth + touch powder double maintenance.**Note: When overseas orders are considered to require customs, the powder will be changed to "silver cloth" (2 pieces of silver cloth).**
__{Maintenance Card}__gives you detailed details on the maintenance of jewelry and natural stones.
__{Warm Heart Guide Card}__Basically use the "Recipient Name" provided by you for the analysis of the draw, to contact the Guide Card & Tarot Card for many years of experience, to give you the most needed guidance at the moment, or in the order Remarks should be directed at the "work/feel/other" level.**Note: For gift-giving purposes, please note "Gift gift" + "The relationship between the other party's name and you"**.

**[Please read carefully before ordering]**
**✧ goods**
__{Customized products without 7-day appreciation}__you need to change after sale, please absorb the return shipping and cost.
__{Product Color}__color difference may be caused by the color chromophore or shooting light, and the actual color is mainly physical.
__{Natural stone is unique}__stone is a natural treasure that has been condensed over the years. It is not artificial. Therefore, the internal texture, shape and details are different. There may be natural phenomena such as ice cracks and clouds, while natural freshwater pearls may have rings. With a birthmark such as a sputum, you can understand the order.
**✦ service**
__{Online Customer Service}__is Monday to Friday, 10:00am-18:00pm, national holiday holiday.
__{Working days}__day before the noon, the payment will be shipped within 3 days of the day (excluding national holidays and 6 days). If the materials are out of stock, the shipment will be delayed, and you must first notify you by secret**Please be sure to pay attention to the "Message Notification"**. If there is an urgent order, please also ask for a private message and then place an order, thank you.
__{Taiwan Shipping}__Mailing: Basically, it will be received the next day after sending it; if you choose Super Merchant, it will be sent after the day after you send it. If you encounter a national holiday / weekly holiday / typhoon during the delivery period, it is recommended to choose super business.
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