Stackup Portable Deformation-White Stacked Powder Building Block Cup 540ML

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"Stack up portable deformed building block cup" Let you no longer be entangled between drinking and eating, liquid and solid foods are suitable for serving Meals can be stacked to produce their own excellent capacity, not only has a silicone ring leak-proof design Unlimited separation layer It can be used flexibly in a variety of dining options. With the freedom of loading and unloading compartments, it is easy and ingenious


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Stackup Portable Deformation-White Stacked Powder Building Block Cup 540ML


▌ Expansion and transformation / Smart follow-up ▌ Five clever tricks that you can't put down with the building block cup 3 kinds of customized capacity|Hand shake drink large cup/super-business medium cup/concentrated small cup Good separation of dry and wet | Separate layer design, lower milk and upper cereal flakes reduce weight and ultra-portable | Basic total weight is 298 grams, and it is also light with two cups Easy to assemble and disassemble|Food grade silicone rubber ring is fully detachable, easy to wash Tritan material is the most at ease|SGS safety test, heat-resistant and microwaveable If you also think# ✕It’s difficult to clean, it’s hard to clean, and it’s hard to wash the details ✕No dry and wet separation, no compartments, mixed smells ✕The capacity model is fixed, there is no way to change it according to the demand ✕Need a cup with a box, need a box with a cup "Stack up portable deformed building block cup" Let you no longer be entangled between drinking and eating, liquid and solid foods are suitable for serving , Meals can be stacked to produce their own excellent capacity, not only has a silicone ring leak-proof design , Unlimited separation layer It can be flexibly used in a variety of dining options, with the freedom of loading and unloading compartments, Easily and cleverly change the role of the food container . ▍Laminates: # Separate the required space through the separation layer, from bottom to top. Milk in the bottom cup + separation layer + stacked cups of oatmeal + small silicone saucer with dried fruit + cup lid = perfect breakfast. ▍Tandem use:# Remove the separation layer, stack the cups in series, from bottom to top. Lower cup + stacked cups + cup lid = summer cool drink. Come for a cup of coffee in the morning and take it away. All you need to do is plug the silicone cork. Small ▍ next cup 360ml: # You can put a small cup of super commercial beverages, and take out cups in hand-made coffee shops; the cup weighs only 170 grams, and it is the first choice if you want to go out lightly. Middle▍360ml lower cup + 180ml stacked cups: # It can hold a large cup of super commercial beverages and a medium cup for hand-cranked drinks; the cup weighs 242 grams, the most commonly used combination. Large ▍bottom cup 360ml+two stacked cups 180ml: # It can hold the largest cup for hand shake; the cup weighs 314 grams and is a must for thirst quenching and binge drinking in summer. ▍The food-grade silicone bottle stopper provides 100% leak-proof, properly plugged the bottle stopper, after violent shaking, it will not overflow. The cup lid screw cap design is matched with food-grade silicone rubber ring to achieve 100% leak-proof, and the whole cup will not leak when standing upside down. There is really no need to worry about putting it in the bag. # ▍Straw VS can be used for both mouth and drink, you can drink whatever you want# The silicone stopper on the lid provides a dual-purpose design Fix the water outlet and put all commercially available thin straws firmly; Fix the mouth of the straw, you can drink directly and casually, and it’s okay to forget to bring the straw. ▍The caliber of the building block cup is designed to be 7.7 cm. The wide caliber also allows hands to easily reach into the cup for cleaning. The Tritan material also makes cleaning more convenient, and it is not easy to leave dirt and odors. Also because the building block cups are separated layer by layer, the bottom cup, separation layer, and stacking layers can all be dried quickly. The leak-proof food-grade silicone rubber ring used in the cup can be easily removed and washed. It is easy to drink with one hand without pressure, and the cup holder on the car can also be put down. # Tritan™ is a material developed by Eastman Company of the United States. It does not contain environmental hormones-Bisphenol A (BPA) or Bisphenol S (BPS); Tritan can withstand temperatures from 110 degrees Celsius to minus 10 degrees. The material is usually used in baby feeding bottles. It has good heat resistance and is not afraid of hot hands. It is no problem to heat it in a microwave oven. Passed the SGS test, there is no trouble of contamination with detergent, high collision resistance, safety and peace of mind. In addition to having heat resistance, chemical resistance, and impact resistance at the same time, Tritan is particularly suitable as a portable tableware. Another main reason is that the material has low oxygen permeability, high molecular density and smoothness, which can effectively resist removal. Peculiar smell, unlike stainless steel and plastic products, it is easy to leave food smell, and it is not afraid of stains. Durability: It is not easy to be damaged even in a collision. Heat resistance: The temperature over 100 degrees will not cause deformation. Oxygen permeability: The oxygen permeability is low, and it can be used as a container for food. Chemical resistance: suitable for various cleaning agents. Safety: No harmful substances such as BPA and environmental hormones have been detected. For microwave use, it is recommended to open the lid to let the steam release. The recommended length of time for each heating is 1 minute and 30 seconds. 540ml classic combination contains A 60ml silicone small dish, which can be used for dipping sauce or dried fruit. There is also a food-grade leak-proof silicone rubber ring. We have a leak-proof silicone rubber ring on each layer of the interface. In addition, there is a fat leak-proof silicone rubber ring on the lid of the cup. Through these silicone rubber rings and screws tightly locked, the technique of stability and leakage prevention is here. We pack them in cardboard boxes that are good-looking and thoughtful as gifts. The joy of sharing is twice as much. Stack up Block Cup X Easy to use recommendation|Viewpoint sharing


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