Silver Ring Experience Course Style Style_Tainan Store

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The most complete experience course, from stamping to tapping and shaping ~ not just knocking words! Many exclusive styles, the most changes, the beautiful environment and exquisite small class! Hot experience activities, Hsinchu store and Tainan store, pa
ไต้หวัน / Tainan City
台南誠品南紡店 ◇ 台南南紡夢時代百貨二樓 誠品內
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CHOCCY Jewelry

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Silver Ring Experience Course Style Style_Tainan Store


**Choccy Jewelry store _ knocking metal workers, the store is located in the old city of Hsinchu,** **Tainan shop in the South Textile Dream Times 2nd floor Eslite (parking free)** **Special time or multi-person group please note comments** <Tainan Store> ▶ Silver ring style Elegant / classic / style / multi-layer This form is a**style** **On-site replaceable style**, only the difference can be replenished without refund **On-site can be purchased at a price: diamond-encrusted. Thickness width adjustment. Style change. Plating. Casting into platinum, rose gold, etc.** **The most complete experience course, from stamping to tapping and shaping ~ is not just for you to type a word!** **Styles can be changed, and the on-site lecturer will explain how to make your ring more unique.** / classic style Classic appointment / Modeling / Multi-layer models ▶ Event Information ・Experience time/2.5 hours, depending on the situation on site ・Please contact us for the date/special time. ・Number of people/small class teaching, one person can start work, or one person can do multiple finished products (please note). ・Include/professional teaching, sterling silver materials, tool use, bag bags, warranty cards, on-site snacks, etc. **・Features/**__Silver ring styles can be changed, creating a more unique style, on-site lecturer will explain,__ __Plus purchase service adds uniqueness, please reserve the basic style before making an appointment, and discuss the production on the spot.__ __small class teaching, providing the most complete experience teaching, not just typing a word__** **This form is open for the Internet. If you have more people, please contact us.** (Interlaced silver ring change _ on-site and lecturer discussion to adjust the more unique silver ring) ▶ Experience event store points ✓ Tainan Eslite Nanfang Store 诚 Eslite Life on the second floor of Tainan South Textile Dream Times Department Store **Parking and free department store parking voucher are available** ✓ Hsinchu Hotel Reservation ▶ Ticketing Rules **. After purchasing the ticket, knocking on the letter of the gold union station to provide proof of successful ticket purchase, will not send physical ticket** **. On the day of the event, please go to the registration office to present the registration success notification letter or order and enter the venue.** **. If the ticket is refunded due to personal factors of the consumer, a 30% handling fee will be charged.** . If due to force majeure and other force majeure factors, knocking the metalworker will take the initiative to contact extension or refund. . If the participation is suspended due to non-responsible knocking on the metalworking factors, no refund will be made. . No refund will be given within 3 days prior to the event. . If the class is suspended due to force majeure such as natural disasters, the knocking metalworker will contact the extension or refund. . In the event of a typhoon, the standard of the suspension class announced by the venue of the event is the starting and refunding standards, and the location of the participants is not considered.




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