Soy Wax Fragrance - Simple and delicate bottle buy one get one free

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Handmade - Pure Soy Wax Scented Candle Delicate bottle, plus additional nude



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Soy Wax Fragrance - Simple and delicate bottle buy one get one free


Made from natural soybean extracted wax. Natural materials are sensitive to temperature and humidity, Therefore, the surface may be slightly cracked or uneven. This is a natural phenomenon of natural wax, not a product flaw. 🌼 fragrance selection: Cinnamon bark - warm, woody Cinnamon is a tropical long green tree with strong cleansing and purifying properties. When you spread the fragrance, you can purify the air and help you get a smooth and refreshing feeling. 🌼 Rose Geranium - a blend of rose and mint The taste is very similar to rose oil, but you can distinguish them by careful feeling. Although the "feminine qualities" of geranium oil are not as significant as roses. The taste of geranium can be said to be between the sweetness of rose oil and the strongness of Buddha. Lavender Extraction site: flower head (distillation). The most important function of lavender essential oil is that it can rebuild the balance state, whether it is psychological or physical, the body and mind are automatically healed in a harmonious balance. Chamomile It is one of the first herbs used in the UK. There are soothing effects, insomnia, nervousness and depression, which can relieve anxiety. 🌼 Rose - sweet and heavy slender floral It is called "after the essential oil". Calm emotions, especially when depressed, sad, taboo, and hateful. Boost your mood and relieve nervous tension and stress. It is clearly a feminine essential oil that enables women to feel positive about themselves. Lemongrass - strong fresh It is a kind of rice plant, also known as lemongrass, because the ingredient in it is "cital", which gives off the aroma of lemon. The lemongrass has some similar odors to lemongrass. 🌼 Violet - fresh and elegant Sweet, sunny, gentle and full of healing. Musk beet - herbal citrus The leaves of the lemon balm are distilled by steam, and the smell is fresh and sweet with a hint of citrus. 🌼依依依兰 - sweet floral Also known as the Perfume Tree, it is ideal for placing any environment. 尤Europe, Australia It has a calming effect on emotions, which can make the mind clear and concentrate. The selection of scented fragrances has been added one after another. Every time the scented candle is lit, it is necessary to melt the surface of the candle into a wax solution. Will achieve the perfect diffusion effect! Use a small 叮咛: 1. It is recommended to use a long or gun type lighter to avoid the bottom of the bottle. 2. When burning the candle for the first time, it is recommended to burn until the surface wax is completely melted to avoid incomplete combustion when used again. 3. If the wax in the middle or the edge of the cup has a wax that has not been burned after burning for a few times, you can use a blower to melt and re-form the wax into a flat surface. 4. After the candle is extinguished, please let the smoke disperse and then cover the bottle to maintain the best fragrance of the essential oil fragrance in the candle. 5. If the candle is large, the wick can be trimmed to 0.6-0.8 cm to extend the burning time. Do not trim too short, which will cause the candle to be too small or the corners of the corner to burn. 6. The used wick will be hard and fragile. Be careful not to break it when using the ignition, so that the soybean wax cannot continue to burn. 7. When the candle is extinguished, immerse the wick in the wax solution and erect it again. No black slag or smoke will be generated. Please do not blow the candle out with a mouth.


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