[Lonely planet] placemat - painted small theater 4: submarine volcano adventure

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Lonelyplanet 2.0

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[Lonely planet] placemat - painted small theater 4: submarine volcano adventure


Space travel https://www.pinkoi.com/product/pEBasYMN
1. Dan nylon, man of the sea cow, small squirrel, little fat tiger, and the small monkey, a pedestrian favorite roaming in space! Often they will encounter many different creatures, these creatures are very interesting! In the space roaming, and travel in the earth is really very different, you can see a different planet, each planet has a different color, very beautiful! Welcome everyone to play in space ~

Villain battleship https://www.pinkoi.com/product/5RLqrQZd
2. At the time of the last trip to a pedestrian in the space, the man of the man was accidentally taken away by the villain. They collected all kinds of species! So, the other people in hot pursuit, ready to save the man of the manatee ~ Danone use of laser guns and their laser artillery against the war; small squirrel is to take the net one by one to catch them; Began to destroy the resources they collected! In addition to the man of the man of the sea, there are still a lot of creatures have been caught ~ it does not seem to rescue it! Because their spacecraft is about to take off

Candy island https://www.pinkoi.com/product/qVWPWUyQ
3. After the rescue of the man of the sea cow, they continued to travel and came to a candy island. This candy island specializes in selling candy, but a closer look, these candies are collected from the tree Yeah! So they are naturally generated candy, not processed! The After eating candy they began to go down a place to go ~ ~

Submarine volcanic expedition https://www.pinkoi.com/product/bEFypVge
4. After eating candy, Danone a pedestrian, began to sneak into the sea, looking for a mysterious syrup. They came to the deep seabed, found a glowing a volcano, this is what they are looking for syrup! But what can these potions do? First of all, the first to collect all of them to say! In the underwater world, even with a lot of different creatures, we all look very cute ~

The gods of the sea gods https://www.pinkoi.com/product/KXxdLCkU
5. After collecting the syrup, we are not careful to dip, the results we all turned! Except for the man of the man of the sea, because he was the creature of the sea! While others are turned, Dani into a dolphin, a small squirrel into a hippocampus, a small fat cow into a tabby fish! We can freely explore in the sea, so the man of the sea man with everyone came to his hometown, even found the Poseidon Temple of the gods! The original man of the sea is a small mermaid is really surprising! The

The last Christmas party is https://www.pinkoi.com/product/SMAEHrr3
6. left the hometown of the man of the man of the sea, they went to the home of Santa Claus. The original Santa Claus has a variety of animals, they are wrapped in gifts all year round, after get off work, these animals will be carnival, exchange today's gift package, although these gifts will eventually be sent out of Santa Claus, but we still exchange Very happy! Just like Christmas party every day! The Do not you know if you like Christmas party too? Remember to exchange gifts with good friends! The

700 lb PVC material, more than the general sale of the placemat more thick, less easily deformed!
42cm x 29.7cm

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