Tonight I am the hand - one by one write the text card / like the good things as a bounden effort to have not left the soul of society

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iamhandtonight เยื่ยมชมสตูดิโอ

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มากกว่า 7 วัน
Tonight I am the hand - one by one write the text card / like the good things as a bounden effort to have not left the soul of society


/ To be good at things like darling
Efforts to have not the soul of society around
Hard to live in your own place /

My childhood teacher to write a few years of calligraphy
The results of the word or write can not be seen all the way to be surprised to grow up
The first photographic exhibition on the wall to write my diary in the sentence
This time nobody said my word ugly changed my words have the characteristics of someone told me to continue to develop
At that time I opened the way to write
Also know that the word ugly does not matter the font has not been my care
Like writing to write their own way to write their own very good
This hand-written card uses a brush with ink
The font is very different from the past. The text comes from my diary and your own creation
Every word has a long story but does not want to explain it with anyone
Write these words is not to let people understand
But let you take your own story to interpret these sentences
Maybe you met almost the same with me may also want exactly the opposite
But misunderstood it is not a wonderful thing
This is the word game I want to play with you
Thank you for reading the sentences I wrote: -]

Card Material / Buck Quality Cardboard
Will use a transparent plastic bag wrapped dust

This is a handwritten card
So after receiving the order to complete the remittance action
Will be written in three days and shipped as soon as possible to you

::pay attention::
Because each is written by hand
So every one can not be exactly the same as Europe
Can accept to buy
thank you:-]

Text / photo from tonight I was hand
Do not reprint with twins produced
Origin / manufacturing method
Taiwan / tonight I made my hands and hands


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