A few openings in January) Like a face painting 丨 Hand painted watercolor portrait chenyh_1

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❶No draft modification is provided Zhang as a reference. The copyright belongs to the author and is not used by the provider.


I'm chen 1

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A few openings in January) Like a face painting 丨 Hand painted watercolor portrait chenyh_1


**✦ Please read it before asking questions Thank you**🙏 1│**Shipping time?**│ : ▶ Basic shipment in order order The average time to complete is "about a month" and see how the order volume affects the schedule Send by ordinary registered after completion (1-2 days) ▼▼▼**About urgent orders**▼▼▼ __Orders will be arranged according to the order of the whole museum. Urgent orders will not be accepted.__ 2│**Electronic file? What is the purchase purpose?**│ : ▶ There is no electronic file for hand-painted works. ✘ Do not use it for any commercial behavior, have any ideas on the use of the work, please ask before confirming before doing any action Wedding invitations / invitation letters etc. need to purchase the "copy authorization fee" (but the hand-drawn works are for your originals, please scan it yourself) Get the original without adding a copy authorization fee, you can also scan it and enjoy it in your mobile phone, but please do not print it! Thanks :) 3│**Designer insists**│ : ▶ There must be a signature and date on the painting (the designated modification is not provided) ✔ Copyright belongs to Chen Yi, and the author has the right to use it in his personal portfolio (public platform or resume information) for use ✘ The work is prohibited from any commercial use, copying and printing without permission, altering and modifying the picture by others. (✘✘✘Portrait does not provide buyout, commercial✘✘✘) (No logo currently available) Please contact us for business cooperation 4│**Expenses**│ : ▶ The cost is written in the options. You can upload photos to confirm the number of bids Please pass the photo of the animal part to confirm whether the designer can pick it up Ex: Darker, more complex, longer hairs are more difficult to draw. (Example: Black cat, black dog, serval cat, tabby cat and dog have difficulty) (I can't guarantee that it will look good, but you can try it.) 5│**About Photos**│ : ▶ The photo can be more than half of the body, and you don't need to take a full-body photo. ✔ Make sure your facial features are clear, the light is clear, and the shooting angle is head-up. Do not cut to the top of your head and hairstyle. ✔ You can combine multiple photos, and also refer to several photos, (People and Pets) Need accessories and any requirements, please also ask for photo reference in advance, will not be imagined Bid after bidding, if there is a problem, you may need to replenish or reorder **No modification is provided for the work**Please make sure you like to accept the style of trusting me 下 (((Don't see the sketch service (because there is no sketch✘) 6│**Screen rendering style**│ : ▶ Basic painting examples such as illustrations, only half-length / no hand movements (unless the picture is suitable or I am willing to draw XD) ✔ You can add a name or a simple sentence, decorated with shiny ✨ or love Need or do n’t let me know ~ The simple background color is determined by looking at the picture! (Sometimes the color is too rich to be suitable) Conversely, if the screen color is monotonous, it will automatically help you to match the background (if you insist, please inform in advance) 7│**Additional purchase of photo frame**│ : ▶ The photo frame is purchased by Daiso, the cost includes the cost of extra weight due to the weight in addition to the purchase cost. If you don't want to be paid for purchasing fees, you can also go to Daiso to buy it for your convenience. 8│**Send**│ : ▶ Please don't use supermarkets to receive the goods. Please choose the mailing service, please remember to confirm the delivery address. If you cannot receive the registered mail, you can change the regular mail. 9│**When is the photo given? Where is the photo given?**│ : ▶ It is better to show me the pictures first! Send me a reference photo directly ✔ Please use the mailbox to keep a record of all communication processes, don't run to other platforms for communication will be very confusing ~ __matters, please do not write in notes__ignored ✘ 10│**Confirm purchase**│ : ▶ All of the above are acceptable, please subscript, please don't give me a low rating because you are not satisfied with the finished drawing! Buying custom portraits is not buying vegetables in the vegetable market. Bargains are not accepted. Please respect each other. Every picture I will do my best to help you prepare for the greatest blessing ❤ Hope to leave a good experience for each other☺ ✔ If you like it, you can leave a good review and encourage it in the store ❤ ★ Take photos and upload your own personal page and mark the designer's name Account store information, etc. ★ Next purchase, you can attach a screenshot to enjoy a 10% discount. <Remember to subscribe before subscribing> Any needs or problems can be discussed with the designer first Will reply you in the fastest time ✔ If you do not reply for more than two days, you may not pay attention and you can stay again! Thank you for your understanding> _ <


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