[Pre-order] Shiangers 75% food grade vegetable ethanol alcohol 4L (clean use/non-medical)

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▲Taipei MRT Cooperate with Cleaning Factory OEM ▲The raw material comes from the highest quality 95% food grade alcohol ▲ Less than% of non-methanol, isopropanol, and underground factories ▲Dry and comfortable to use without burden ▲Used for hand cleaning, toilet, surface of objects ▲ Produced by a big factory! Guarantee of peace of mind! ▲For cleaning/non-medical

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[Pre-order] Shiangers 75% food grade vegetable ethanol alcohol 4L (clean use/non-medical)


https://live.staticflickr.com/65535/51253563294_31717a3bf6_b.jpg **Although it is made of food-grade raw materials, it is not drinkable, forbidden to drink, and avoid children's accidental ingestion** **▲Taipei MRT Cooperate with Cleaning Factory OEM** **▲The raw material comes from the highest quality 95% food grade alcohol** **▲ Less than% of non-methanol, isopropanol, and underground factories** **▲Dry and comfortable to use without burden** **▲Used for hand cleaning, toilet, surface of objects** **▲ Produced by a big factory! Guarantee of peace of mind!** You can directly choose the double/triple invoice at checkout, The electronic invoice will be sent by the Pinkoi system letter. Our Shifangli Co., Ltd. only sells the best alcohol! The highly acclaimed Xiangjue 75% vegetable alcohol dry hands Light rice wine flavor and comfortable and dry feeling like rubbing prickly heat powder Grand launch of 4000ml (4L) and 100ml versions💙 The ingredients are all 95% food grade vegetable ethanol and pure water to mix It is not a cheap cleansing ingredient such as methanol and isopropanol that cannot be used on the skin! ▪ 4000ML barrels: family numbers in large barrels, it is more favorable to purchase additional bottles by yourself ▪ 500ML spray bottle: three-stage pressure head (close tightly / fine and large spray / strong water jet) more convenient to use ▪ 100ML portable bottle: with a cap, fine spray, easy to carry Speed up delivery during the epidemic! 4L barrels are in units of 1 in / 2 ins 500ML only takes 5 groups as the unit 100ML any choice If you need to buy in large quantities, please contact "Contact Designer" 【Main Ingredients】 95% food grade ethanol alcohol, pure water [Manufacturing date] marked on the bottle [Validity period] Unopened for five years, use up within 6 months after unopened [Capacity] 4000ml / 500ml / 100ml — Hi i am the little boss Let me explain why it is so expensive. 1. We only look for qualified manufacturers. For this alone, there should be a lot of brands that don't know the route. The biggest reason is because we know how dark the alcohol market is. What do you mean? Except for the 75% alcohol from the Public Sales Bureau and the "Yaozihao", is the alcohol of all other brands really 75% in it? I don't know. Consumers are like you, like me, like my colleague, we can't detect it without an alcohol detector, only people in the industry know. This is why so many alcohol factories come to me and ask me if they want to make OEMs and give them very cheap prices, but I refuse them. The reason is very simple. There is no way for us to "inspect the factory" and "inspect the goods". If there is no legal factory license, there is no way for me to trace the source of alcohol. I would never choose. We take the alcohol detector to your factory for inspection, and each batch measures 75%, dare you? None of those cheap and cheap foundries promised me. We at Xiangjue today dare to be a brand and dare to take risks because of our responsibility to society and morality. In a word, this is a safety issue, not a cheap issue. I dare not tell you about the alcohol anywhere else, but if it is sold from our Shifangli Co., Ltd., I can assure you that more than 75% of the bottles will leave the factory, and they are from the best and most advanced raw materials, my own family Alcohol that everyone uses. In addition, it must be seriously stated that in extraordinary times, home delivery includes freight, and how much logistics manpower is needed to deliver it to everyone's home. I did not bargain with logistics, nor did I bargain with warehousing. They asked for a price increase, and I agreed with them all. Taiwan needs to treat them well, and Taiwan needs them to help the epidemic better. I hope you can understand. Finally, I promise you once again that the work I make and the content I supervise is the absolute priority of safety and social responsibility. This is the important value of being a brand, and it is also our belief. Thank you.


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