RADIAL ROUND stainless steel plastic toothbrush I hairline handle (1 handle 1 brush + engraved name)

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*Friendly environment, green daily necessities, real plastic reduction behavior to reduce the burden of plastic on the global environment* 304 stainless steel handle Reusable handle PLA biodegradable brush head PBT soft bristles



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RADIAL ROUND stainless steel plastic toothbrush I hairline handle (1 handle 1 brush + engraved name)


https://80833514-474924947975486267.preview.editmysite.com/uploads/8/0/8/3/80833514/xpqovun_orig.jpg [Customized name for custom printing] (such as Chinese and English names, vocabulary, etc.) English font: ITC Garamond and COPPERPLATE GOTHIC BOLD Range size: up to 3.5CM (limited to 12 words - single line) Chinese character type: Huakang Zhongyuan Range size: up to 3.5CM (limited to 7 words - single line) Recommendation: 3.2CM (11 English words) with the best visual length -------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- What are you waiting for? Estimating with an average of 3 months for a toothbrush, we have to change about 400 toothbrushes in our lifetime. These non-decomposable plastic toothbrushes are discarded and enter the ecosystem, accumulating in the human body through the food chain, which will have a negative impact on the environment and health for a long time. To solve the problem of discarding 35 million plastic toothbrushes every year, the easiest and most effective way is to provide everyone with a better choice - Radial Round 304 stainless steel two-stage soft-reducing toothbrush! https://80833514-474924947975486267.preview.editmysite.com/uploads/8/0/8/3/80833514/w6dmm6w_orig.jpg This stainless steel two-stage toothbrush will become your "true plastic reduction behavior", so that maintaining the ecological environment is no longer just a slogan. We are the RADIAL-ROUND design team, we understand the importance of maintaining the natural environment, and the environmental damage caused by disposable plastic products is becoming more and more widespread. We chose to use a biodegradable material to make the brush head, and combined with a reusable stainless steel handle, completed the [Radial Round stainless steel two-stage plastic toothbrush]. [There is no limit between the retraction and the release] https://80833514-474924947975486267.preview.editmysite.com/uploads/8/0/8/3/80833514/9_orig.jpg [product design focus] • The brush head is non-toxic, non-plasticizer, non-bisphenol A, no heavy metal, no base material, and is made of PLA polylactic acid, which makes the contact safe and reduces environmental waste. • Small size brush head design makes it easier to clean the inner side of the cheeks and the more difficult to brush teeth. Sharpening the silk bristles can increase the feel of the gums and improve the brushing of the teeth. • The handle and base are made of 304 stainless steel. They are not rusted, moldy and bacteriostatic. Please wash with water before use. https://80833514-474924947975486267.preview.editmysite.com/uploads/8/0/8/3/80833514/mmbdbtc_orig.jpg [bristles] The special treatment of the hair ends does not hurt the gums and enamel. It is matched with the brush head and soft hair (sharpened silk) designed according to the Asian mouth shape. It is different from the burden and damage caused by the general bristles on the teeth and gums. [The brush head is biodegradable material] A green product derived from non-main grain starch that can be broken down into CO2 and water by microorganisms in specific environmental soils. Simply replacing the brush head can reduce the environmental burden of manufacturing consumables and the environmental damage of the waste. [Handle]: 304 stainless steel (about 11.6 cm long and about 1.2 cm wide) In order to be able to be reused, recycled, and able to eliminate rust and adhesion to bacteria in the humid bathroom [we choose 304 stainless steel], in addition to cleaning, disinfection can also reduce consumables and anti-oxidation, also need to touch the mouth Safer. 【Precautions】 1. Please rinse with water once before use. Wash thoroughly with water after use. 2. This product is for brushing only and should not be used for other purposes. 3. Do not place this product in a solvent that is easy to dissolve, such as sterilization or bleaching, or hot water of 50 degrees C, so as to avoid deformation and deterioration of the body. 4. Stainless steel toothbrush is heavier and harder than ordinary plastic toothbrush. Do not walk or play during use. Please be careful. 5. When the stainless steel is sterilized in the sterilizer, if the temperature has not been cooled, it is better to take out the gloves. 6. For personal hygiene, it is strongly recommended that the brush should be replaced every 2 months to maintain oral care. 7. The combination method of this product is the thread turning mode. When replacing the brush head, please turn the joint part lightly, do not use excessive force to twist or directly pull out, so as to avoid personal danger and product damage. 8. In order to optimize the product design, RADIAL ROUND will make some fine adjustments in the combination of the toothbrush structure or the external body type to make the product better. 9. Replace the brush head for 2 years at room temperature. In the future, you only need to purchase the brush head replacement kit. 【Product specifications】 Brush: (soft hair) sharpened wire - PBT (about 1.5 cm long) heat resistant 0-50 degrees c Brush head: PLA polylactic acid (about 6.8 cm long and about 1.2 cm wide) Heat-resistant 0-100 degrees c Handle: 304 stainless steel (about 11.6 cm long and about 1.2 cm wide) Outer packaging: cylindrical paper (about 5.5cm in diameter x about 22.5cm in height) Number of entries: 1 original steel handle, 1 primary color brush head, engraved exclusive name Place of Origin: Taiwan Applicable age: 12 years old or older Shelf life: 2 years at room temperature Origin / manufacturing methods Made in Taiwan hand-made


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