Cr8tive 4ever [sacred] Five little burn mark feel coaster set (basaltic)

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Cr8tive 4ever [sacred] Five little burn mark feel coaster set (basaltic)


**Cr8tive 4ever [sacred] Five little burn mark feel coaster set (basaltic)** ───────── basaltic ───────── On behalf of the North reveal, the five elements are water, black, They reveal the composition of the tortoise and snake, turtle longevity, A symbol of longevity and good fortune, longevity, and with abundance of moisture meaning, Of happiness harvest joy. Winter seasons ─ ─ Plum Flower Black Tortoise representing the spirit beast of the North and belongs to water of the Five Elemental System and its color is black. It has the body of the turtle and snack like tail also known as the Dragon turtle, Black Tortoise representing immortality, auspicious and longevity also symbol of happiness and joy. Ha north azimuth, property ga black water で desu. Winter season で wa, wa plum flower desu. Hi happy と び Representative wo shi, longevity tara wo mo shi ma si. ───────── Five Sacred introduction ───────── China's five major animal unique position with five elements Left on West North East Dragon Right White Tiger Suzaku basaltic South under the UN-unicorn Combined with the symbol of the four seasons seasons Merlin, bamboo and chrysanthemum Mysterious energy totem implies rebirth, avoid evil evil, Geely, longevity, harvest, meaning recruit Cheung Schnauzer Tai Jin Super Cup with a weight of oriental culture and the arts into Richangshenghuo In the East science, one of the five elements balance, If properly through the five elements of life and death, Capacity of physical and mental health, life Cheng Yun Hang. Five elements make up the magnetic field energy deficiency, Further fast, wide open fortune. Five sacred animals symbolized reborn, prosperity, long life, blessing and protections from the evil means. Each animal is representing in each geographical direction, which are Azure Dragon in the west, White Tiger in the east, Vermilion Bird in the south, Black Tortoise in the north and Kirin in the middle. Chinese culture unique の sacred Richangshenghuo ga ni san で includes the postage into ri i ma si. Five people 々 の と wa ga ancient universe の の origin of all things belong su ru ni mo の と お recognize shi te ri ma si. Yo ~ te San Shou ni property, location, season, ma ta season の flower wo fusion sa se, sa ra ni mysterious na Eito Neko Hikaru beverage giant ー wo plus え ru ko と ni Yori, Yang 々 na mean wo mo tara shi ma si. East の で wa Sciences, the five elements ba ga yo ku ra nn su ta me cry made me cry ba security, physical and psychological health で と mo ni, good luck Genki ga ku na ri ma si. Insufficient shi te ru い Five Eito Neko Hikaru beverage giant ー su wo supplement made me cry ba, large fortune ki wo ku ri cut open ki ma si. ───────── feel relief relieve pressure weight cup ───────── Special high-capacity size 20oz Origin of Taiwan Yingge Ceramics Production 840 Celsius degree heat by firing from Mug handle and use the "little burn," added a special touch The Pressure Relief Cup The large 20oz cup are all made in Yingge, Taiwan and all cups has been heated in the 840 degrees Celsius fire before finished. The cup has applying Glass-glaze on the body and handle when firing to add more texture. [Product Specifications] cup [Product Size] 10cm*14cm*11.3cm (length*width*height) [Packing size] 10.6cm*13.6cm*12.9cm (length*width*height) [W / 1 (NW)] 575g [Containing packaging weight / 1 (GW) 636g] ───────── feel relief water coaster ───────── Square 11 cm X 11cm Use the "little burn," added a special touch Origin of Taiwan Yingge Ceramics Production 840 Celsius degree heat by firing from Drops of water can absorb exudate to ensure drying Water Absorption Coaster Square shape, Size: 11 cm X 11cm Applying Glass-glaze on when firing to add texture and to give it spots like features. Produced in Yingge, Taiwan heated in the 840 ° C fire, before finishing It absorbs overflow water to keep the coaster dry [Product Specifications] a coaster [Product Size] 10.8cm*10.8cm*0.9cm (length*width*height) [Packing size] 11.4cm*11.4cm*1.1cm (length*width*height) [W / 1 (NW)] 129g [Containing packaging weight / 1 (GW) 142g] Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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