Dotdot · Blue Moonlight Moonlight Stone × Black Gallstone × Pink Egg x Strawberry Crystal

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Dotdot· blue halo moonstone x black gall stone x pink opal x strawberry crystal ~ Let dearsharka's beauty be with yo



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Dotdot · Blue Moonlight Moonlight Stone × Black Gallstone × Pink Egg x Strawberry Crystal


Handwriting Dotdot· Blue Moonlight Moonlight Stone × Black Gallstone × Pink Opal × Strawberry Crystal ⊢ About Handchuang I love this "dotdot little series" with a little cuteness. Crystal Sazuzu danced like a regular pace - 1234, 2234, 3234, 4234, and finally it was adorned with a brightly colored pearl. The last beautiful ending post of dance music! The moonlight stone with blue haze can enhance her intuition and let her feel and spirituality up! Up! She can also make the love that needs to understand each other and manage each other to be more coordinated and have our own rhythm. So she It is called "stone of lover." Zuo Shangliang's dark black gallstones can take away bad negative energy and maintain a good health. Paired with an opal with yellowish-white and brilliant colors, she symbolizes love and wisdom. She can enhance her sensibility and intuition of human things, improve rational thinking and creativity, and can also metabolize negative energy and make people feel relieved. Finally, it is fun to have a strawberry crystal with a sweet personality. She can make her thoughts clear, enhance her sense of well-being, and enhance her beautiful love. ⊢ crystal in dearsharka ⊣ Love crystal shar afraid of a whole series of "bud feeling" crystal bracelet. Therefore, the crystal beauty in shar love dearsharka has their own personality, so that crystal beauty can also become a stylish eye-catching jewelry. ▶▶ shar loves to keep each crystal unique, so it won't be the same after it is sold. ▶ ▶Crystal beads and Japanese beads are beautifully matched with the crystal. Their color is rich and varied and their quality is excellent and they are not easy to fade. ▶ ▶ Threading, shar uses "Japanese elastic silk thread", which is tough and hard to break. ▶▶The crystal beauty will have their own traces of natural ice cracking. This is their most natural look. Shar will also try to present their appearance in photos. ▶▶ In order to adjust the length of the fit, shar may need to adjust the length of the bracelet so that part of the Czech or Japanese beads will be increased or decreased. ▶▶The beauty of "Turquoise Style" and "Pearl Style" is more delicate and it is highly recommended to take it off when bathing. ⊢ Take Me Home ⊣ Since every beauty needs to be tailored or adjusted, shar will complete and send you beautiful beauty within 4 - 6 working days after confirming that the order has been paid and hand length. When you decide to take her home, shar will help you adjust the length of your wrist. So, after purchasing, please don't forget to take a line, wrap around your wrist and measure with a ruler. Please tell shar in [Order Remarks] [Please be sure to provide, otherwise you will be afraid to delay delivery time] 1 What is the length of the hand circumference cm? 2 Do you want to fit some more? Or is there a sense of space? ★★★ IMPORTANT ~ IMPORTANT: Do not measure the indirect length of an existing bracelet or watch, etc. [Add small items] stainless steel wire + 925 sterling silver S-ring only for crystal beautiful Here, each hand is beautiful and does not have a mold to confine them, and there is no production line that rigidifies them. Each of them has their own unique temperament and beauty. ◭◭◭ In fb & IG you can find dearsharka trails! Origin / manufacturing methods Handmade in TW


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