2021 new painted style non-aging handbook/logbook/notebook/event calendar/notepad

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Timeless calendar account / date can be freely filled in / you can start using it at any time / poetry and painting calendar account / page of different small paintings / inside and outside double cover / 12 master artists inscriptions / current month plan immediately following the current month weekly plan / twice a week Page / Available for one year / Full


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2021 new painted style non-aging handbook/logbook/notebook/event calendar/notepad


https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600868439-3636048458-g.jpg **"Decade Time"** The 365 power of 1.01 is 37. It means improving by 1% every day, one year later, it will be improved to 37 times of the present, reborn as a brand new self. The ten thousand hour rule. Research points out that to become an expert in a field requires at least 10,000 hours of accumulation. If you work hard for 20 hours a week, you can get a small achievement in exactly ten years. As long as we accumulate a little bit of good habits like atoms every day, it will be different in ten years. This is a precious gift that time gives us. Ten years ago, I was just a girl who loves to paint. With enthusiasm and persistence, I brought you a lot of colorfulness. I hope this "Decade Time and Moment" notebook will accompany you to help you and record all the things you want to do. With a little accumulation every day, you can become what you want. Crystal https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600861621-2266460367-g.jpg **❒ Two covers, A Heart Light, B Heart Forest** Spread out is a complete picture. What is in the collection is that Crystal has been in the past ten years, every day and night illuminates every dawn and moonlight in my heart, and constantly explores the treasures found in my heart. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600839336-4259729726-g.jpg **❒ Type A / Heart of Light** Ten years of day and night, illuminating every dawn and moonlight in my heart. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600839333-3907342568-g.jpg **❒ Type B / Heart Forest** For ten years, I have been exploring the treasures I found in my heart. **❒ Different double cover design inside and outside** The cover of the two A and B accounts are printed on both sides. As long as the cover is removed and the cover is folded, it will be replaced with a cover on the other side, as if to have a brand new account. Two wishes are met at once. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600844479-4291575479-g.jpg **❒ December Poems and Paintings** It is a poem written by Crystal to you/self. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600839334-442232754-g.jpg **❒ Different theme colors every month** This month is the clear sky blue, and next month is the watery lake green. Use color to string together monthly poems, monthly plans, and weekly plans for a complete month. 12 months string together your infinite variety of this year. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600839335-1340026435-g.jpg **❒ List of dreams** You can be what you want, and the more you write, the more you look forward to. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600839335-53021947-g.jpg **❒ Monthly plan, paintings on different themes above each month** Elegant and polite, quietly accompanied by a lot of space around you. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600839334-1781044555-g.jpg **❒ A sentence accompanied by the artist master** Discover more beauty in this world through the eyes of the master. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600839335-2852690482-g.jpg **❒ Weekly plan, you can decide what you like** Like horizontal writing? Or write it upright? Everything is fine! Flexible notes, or supplement plan details, or graffiti and scrapbooking, full of free space, you can decide your daily length and width arbitrarily. There are 5 weeks to fill in each month. It is a monthly plan, a weekly plan, a monthly plan, and a weekly plan....This cycle of 12 months can be used for a whole year. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600839333-3718376509-g.jpg **❒ Different small paintings on each page** It is to prepare you for the little surprises in your life, please accept it. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600839333-1132073342-g.jpg **❒ Mysterious design note page** Will be updated one after another, please pay close attention to the FB fan group and IG (wink https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600839332-1303246791-g.jpg **❒ Textured matte book cover** It feels very good, not easy to be contaminated with dust, and helps you to cherish every small but peaceful moment together. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600839335-258673652-g.jpg **❒ Special thread** It can be completely spread out at 180 degrees to super flat, and the days pass by gently writing every day. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600839330-2494331239-g.jpg **❒ Bookmark the little secretary** **❒ Hidden gift** The 2021 calendar pad has a full-frame painting on one side and an overview of the 2021 year on the other. Two paintings are specially selected from the cover of Christo's second and third albums. "You are not ordinary" and "You are the most beautiful fairy tale", these two books are of special significance in the ten years of Christo's painting. They are specially presented to everyone with the 2021 pad. https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600839333-3060236503-g.jpg **Type A Heart Light 2021 Pad** Selected from the album cover of "You are the most beautiful fairy tale" https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600839333-2990841917-g.jpg **B Heart Forest 2021 Pad** Selected from the cover of the album "You are not ordinary" **❒ Inner page format display** https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600858688-214021848-g.jpg ■ Annual plan https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600839332-1277876700-g.jpg ■ December Poems and Paintings https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600858688-4248067-g.jpg ■ Monthly plan https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600858688-3915005422-g.jpg ■ Weekly plan https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600839329-3963149682-g.jpg https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600861621-631350977-g.jpg **❒ Specifications** ■ Size: 12.5 x 18 cm ■ Thickness: 1.2 cm ■ Binding: special thread binding (can be easily flattened and written) ■ Paper: Inner pages, high-end books and periodicals paper made in Taiwan-snow white pictorial paper (easy to write, not easy to faint, not easy to see through, with a large number of pages and thin, so carry it without feeling its weight) ■ Number of pages: 192 pages ■ Place of Origin: Taiwan https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600838039-3443987076-g_l.jpg Artist/Crystal Hung Hong Yuzhu Taiwanese artist Painting style warm healing Like the brush in hand Draw every colorful touch https://pic.pimg.tw/crystalhung/1600837446-1162754553-g.jpg **2021 desk calendar** https://www.pinkoi.com/product/3Bi28z8c


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