DIY Handmade Series-Carton Roast Chicken X Christmas Small Forest Painted Biscuits Outdoor Fun Combination

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DIY Handmade Series-Carton Roast Chicken X Christmas Small Forest Painted Biscuits Outdoor Fun Combination


**【Introduction】** Small meals and small things are newly launched-adults and children outdoor crazy play combination Roasted Whole Chicken in Vanilla Carton x Christmas Little Forest Painted Biscuits🌲 Crazy play combination price 1688 yuan (including shipping) Make your camping delicious and fun 💯The materials required for making are all in the combination 💯According to the steps of the recipe, you don’t have to keep an eye on the fire while roasting the chicken 💯Roast chicken tools can be reused (thermometer, chicken rack, iron rack) 💯Create cookies collectively while waiting for the time! ! ! 💯A dual plan that takes into account food and group activities,h_480,al_c,lg_1,q_80,enc_auto/20221022017_1_JPG.jpg,h_480,al_c,lg_1,q_80,enc_auto/20221109-141_JPG.jpg **【Product content】**,h_710,al_c,lg_1,q_85,enc_auto/c0fea7_32eeec7e22b84f55b12a3dff0d03198c~mv2.jpg **Herb Carton Roast Whole Chicken** Whole chicken with spices and salt marinade (1.8kg), herb bundles, pepper salt, thermometer, paper clip, hand grilling chicken gloves, cotton gauze gloves, aluminum foil plate, charcoal, iron frame, aluminum foil paper, grilled chicken rack, aluminum foil charcoal basin, cardboard, Shipping Outer Box,h_480,al_c,lg_1,q_80,enc_auto/20221109-002_JPG.jpg **Christmas Little Forest Painted Cookies** 27 pieces of modeling biscuits (9 pieces of black tea flavor, 7 pieces of cocoa flavor, 4 pieces of matcha flavor, 7 pieces of beet flavor), powdered sugar, lemon juice, American Whirlton protein powder, matcha powder, beetroot powder, pumpkin powder, mixed Decorative sugar pieces, pearl sugar, material package (4 icing bags, 2 toothpicks, 2 food desiccants, 1 dropper, 1 baking paper), plastic box **【Equipment Requirements and Storage】** Operating time: 3hr Equipment requirements: Painted Cookies → Forks Roast chicken in carton → lighter, tinder, charcoal clip, scissors (cut aluminum foil) storage method: Refrigerate; after opening, all can be stored at room temperature except lemon juice, whole chicken with spices and salted brine, and herb bundles Appreciation period: 4 days (please refer to the label on the product) Remarks: The best tasting period for frosted biscuits is 3-5 days after making, and the biscuits can be sealed and stored in a cool place at room temperature Don't put it in the refrigerator, the moisture in the refrigerator will make the icing rewet when the biscuit warms up and cause the pattern to paste **【Shipping method】** Black cat logistics low temperature delivery **【Remark】** *This product is a free shipping combination *This product will start shipping on 12/1, please pay more attention when placing an order *Roasted chicken in cartons should be operated in a well-ventilated place, children under 12 must be assisted by an adult *If you have any questions, please send a private message or ask in the FB official fan group **【More about Carton Roast Chicken】** **【Other Handmade DIY Series】** Mushroom Red Dragon Fruit Noodles in White Sauce Wild mushroom smoked chicken green sauce pizza_2 pieces Christmas Little Forest Painted Biscuit Combination Unforgettable Time Meal Unforgettable Moments Package Shining Everyday Meal Shining Set **【About ING Table】** Cuisine|Daily x Special x Handmade x Camping Fresh ingredients MEAL KITS Through the simple and easy-to-understand teaching recipe process Determined to be your good partner when cooking Create more possibilities for cooking experience


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