Aurli │ White old rock mud overflowing double cup set (Yunyao + pure white inner glaze)

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The first old rock mud coffee appliance: rich coffee flavor wheel experience Through high-temperature oxidation and multiple reduction firing processes, the world's first old shale-mudstone coffee cup with fusion of rock ore and pottery clay was produced. Laoyan mudstone mine is rich in minerals, feels closer to nature, compatible with activated carbon a



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Aurli │ White old rock mud overflowing double cup set (Yunyao + pure white inner glaze)


Product specifications ◆Yunyao Outer diameter size: diameter 125mmx height 85mm Capacity: 330cc Weight: 260g ◆Pure white inner glaze Size: 125x90x85 mm Capacity: 340cc Weight: 305g Origin: Taiwan Product Part Number: W03H00001 There are three colors of black, blue and red, all of which represent different personalities. Which personality do you belong to? Pick an exclusive cup type~ [Black and black]: Outer-rigid, inner-soft type, with a strong side and a gentle side. It is not mysterious, arrogant, or cold. It has found a point of fit and will be a good partner for cooperation. [Blue Yunyao]: It can show youthful and frivolousness. Although in a group, I always like to do my own thing, but when faced with topics or conflicts, I have the advantages of insight and strong judgment, which can resolve things one by one. [Red Hongying]: It exudes unique characteristics, is independent, strong and has a personality. The personality of the actionist can easily infect people, things and things around. Creative idea Through high-temperature oxidation and multiple reduction firing processes, the world's first old shale-mudstone coffee cup with fusion of rock ore and pottery clay was produced. It is rich in minerals, after being fired at high temperature, it feels closer to nature and has a structure similar to medical stone, which makes the taste of tasting extra sweet and rich, and subverts the familiar coffee flavor wheel experience. Features The capacity for drinking American coffee, hand brewed coffee, or latte or cappuccino is very suitable. The overflow cup has a simple and stylish structure, thick and durable, with slight adjustments in the cup body and material details. The cup shape has a certain thickness to maintain the temperature gathering effect. The rim of the cup is thin, and the angle and movement of the lips and teeth will be natural when drinking at the rim of the cup, and the touch of the lips is better, and it will not cause coffee stains. The handles and ears are not only light and beautiful, but also very easy to hold. After many experiments on the material and thickness of this work, it is a drinker type suitable for the public and an ideal coffee cup type. The white old rock mud creates the introverted whiteness of the main color. Through the skill of the master, the twisted tire is used in the cup body to make the appearance colorful and add visual layering. The extended knowledge behind the colors, coffee cups of different shapes and materials, also mark the situation of coffee in different eras. The white inside the cup is convenient for observing the beautiful ocher red color of the coffee. In a simple life, holding a cup of good coffee can also get the combination of soul and sense of taste. Give life aesthetics a new experience Let all the utensils of life return to experience. Like tea tasting and wine tasting, Aurli’s utensils can enhance the characteristics of coffee extraction, taste the different tastes of coffee, and present more amazing flavors. Use instant cups-point Glazed cups and inner glaze cups, different cups present different flavors. During the tasting process, the flavors brought out are worthy of aftertaste, which can take into account the taste of the taster's happiness. This is a warm story between people and utensils. Adding Aurli+ appliances to daily use, you can feel the natural texture, creative mind, and craftsmanship spirit. This is a beautiful utensil that accompanies life every day. ※Product pictures are for reference only, please refer to the actual product ※If you find that the purchased product is defective, please take a picture and keep it, and put the complete main product, accessories, inner and outer packaging, random documents, and gifts together in the original home distribution carton (bag). Do not directly pack it in the original factory Paste paper or write text on it.


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