3 in the offer - styling accompanying beverage cup set bag optional pattern

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If the style has no finished products, it is currently produced according to the payment order. After the order is completed, the printing takes time from cutting to sewing. One is homemade in the small studio at home, and it takes about 20 working days (e



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3 in the offer - styling accompanying beverage cup set bag optional pattern



※Please note the number of styles required for this order, a total of 3 ※
※Please note the number of styles required for this order, a total of 3 ※
※Please note the number of styles required for this order, a total of 3 ※

Single sale page: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/uPZPE8PH
3 in the offer: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/XrtKep9E
4 in the offer: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/easCmxLe
5 bonus: https://www.pinkoi.com/product/aELP6vGR

▲ Healing carry bag

☆Please read the design museum trading policy before ordering☆
○Applicable cup type:
Applicable to the common wide and narrow beverage cups and coffee cups in the 700CC.
○ The bag body is about 8cm in diameter and the pattern is about 9.5~10cm high.
○ bag: about 1.5~1.7cm wide and about 50cm long;
Generally used, can be lifted and can be hung on the wrist.
○The fabric is imitation linen-proof water-repellent coating, resistant to dirt,
The surface layer of the cloth can be cleaned with a drink bead.
- Photos will have different color differences depending on the monitor.
- Handmade product sizes may have some errors
- Mailing is registered for the post office and someone needs to sign it.
- Despite the question before the order, don't imagine it and cause misunderstanding!

─────Original pattern printing ─────
◇Printing color will change due to irresistible changes in humidity, room temperature, weather, etc., resulting in the same pattern. The pattern is artificially cut, it can't be the same for each piece, the shape is slightly different, and the offset is normal. At the same time, there will be some differences in the production. It is also a difficult place for hand-made, and it can't be as accurate as machine copying.

01. Shiba Inu - Yellow
02. Shiba Inu - Black
03. Shiba Inu - White
04. Maltese
05. Keji
06. VIP - red brown
07. VIP - cream
08. VIP - Bai Shuai Shuai
09. VIP - Blackbird
10. Shiqi - Black
11. Scottish - brown
12. Long-haired dachshund - cream
13. Long-haired dachshund - red brown
14. Long-haired dachshund - chocolate
15. Long hair dachshund - four eyes black
16. Schnauzer - Salt and Pepper (Gray)
17. Schnauzer - Black and White
18. Schnauzer-Black
19. Schnauzer-White
20. Demi
21. Law fight - black and white
22. Dharma - Cream
23. Law fight - black
24. Grass mud horse
25. Golden Retriever
26. Chihuahua - Black and White
27. Chihuahua - Yellow and White
28. Chihuahua - Four Eyes Black
29. Chihuahua - Cream
30. Long-haired Chihuahua - black and white
31. Long-haired Chihuahua - yellow and white
32. Long-haired Chihuahua - White
33. Long-haired Chihuahua - Chocolate
34. Yorkshire
35. Happy Bee Don't Worry Be Happy
36. Designed by lobster Sit Down Please
37. Saturn (sixth) Satur(n)day
38. Wang Lai Get The Luck
39. Bichon
40. Pomeranian-Brown
41. Pomeranian-White

Look at each real shot

▲When you have no hands, you can hang your wrists.

▲The length of the strap is designed to be used

▲The side elastic rope can be placed on the straw

▲The strap is also full version

▲Good mood is always with you

Maintenance method:
It is recommended to use a dry method.
Do not use bleach or chlorine cleaners.
Do not soak for a long time.
Partial grinding can easily cause damage and fading of the fabric.
Fiber cloth products, if they are discolored or faded due to moisture, sunlight or high temperature, are natural phenomena.

▲Huangba Cup special link (cannot be shared with general drink cups) Portal:

☆Precautions before placing an order☆
➤Preparation (pre-prepared semi-finished/finished product), please ask if there is any reserve before ordering.
The production time of the ➤ works may wait for about 7 days to 2 months, or it may be earlier. Due to factors such as the material, style, quantity, and ordering time of the work, it will affect the time when the preparation/finished product is completed. If you can't wait, you can change the style with the reserve.
If you can't wait, please don't, don't, don't order, so as not to cause trouble for you and me! Thank you!
Oh, sorry, sometimes I can't handle the urgent drop.
➤The work is done by hand from cutting to sewing. The size, size, shape and color will be different and will not be exactly the same.
Different models of the same color or the same color, encountering different batches of fabric texture, feel, color will be a little bit worse.
If you have any questions, please ask before [ordering]! Detailed communication can save you money, money and time due to misunderstanding.
Handmade goods are inevitably a little imperfect, that is the beauty of hand-made, high perfectionists do not order!
Origin / manufacturing methods

Taiwan / iShare original hand made


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