PLAStudio-Creative Design - Corn Green Cup-ECO CAN-Panda Limited Edition -280ml-Pink


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    ♥ Introduction
    ~ Extract from plant starch ~ I'm not plastic ~
    ~ No plasticizer, no bisphenol A, no environmental hormones, excluding heavy metals
    ~ Biodegradable material ~ reusable ~ not disposable products
    ~ Safe non-toxic, microwave heating ~ discarded will not cause secondary pollution of the environment ~
    ~ Double-layer design, ice heat is appropriate ~ heat from -20 ℃ to +10 ℃ ~

    ♥ material introduction

    This product uses PLA (polylactic acid) natural environmental protection materials, from the natural plant starch extract, PLA has similar physical properties with petrochemical plastic but no petrochemical plastic negative characteristics, in the course of the use of heat will not produce toxic Material, is currently recognized as the best plastic replacement material, is very suitable for food contact with the product or children's products.

    Has now been confirmed that its carbon footprint is only 40% of petrochemical plastics, the production of energy demand is only 50% of petrochemical plastics. In the appropriate environment can reach 100% biodegradable characteristics, will not cause secondary pollution of the environment.
    ♥ how to use it
    Press press, pull the ring that is bounced, up a wave can drink
    It 's as easy as opening an easy - to - open can

    ~ Can be reused to reduce the amount of discarded paper cups ~
    ~ Germany iF design award ~
    ~ Taiwan - Gold Award ~

    ♥ Precautions for use
    Use soft sponge to clean with neutral detergent
    ! For microwave heating, remove the cover
    ! Microwave heating temperature setting, please do not exceed 750W, 3 minutes
    After the waves do not directly into the mouth to drink, there may be burns
    Do not put high temperature beverages above 90 ℃ to avoid burning
    Can pull up the lid pull the ring / spin to open the cover directly to drink
    Made of natural materials, in the case of rapid temperature difference, the product before the decomposition
    Made of natural material, such as the appearance has been a significant deterioration of the phenomenon, please purchase a new alternative
    Can not be used for oven and electric cooker
    Frozen after brittleness will increase, falling ground or forced impact may cause rupture, please be careful
    This product is not a thermos bottle
    When using hot drink, the bottle has a warm feeling is normal
    Computer screen will produce color, color to the actual product-based


    Quick arrival is the next day after payment can be shipped, with home delivery, courier or mail parcel sent outside the Taiwan area can not provide this service

    ♥ Product Specifications:
    The Size: Diameter / 7.2cm, Height / 13cm
    The Specifications: 280 ml
    The Material: PLA (Poly-Lactic Acid, Chinese name polylactic acid)
    The Heat resistance: -20 to +110 degrees c
    The Design: Taiwan
    The Origin: Taiwan

    ♥ Brand Description:

    I can not plastic ~ I am not plastic ~

    Different from the general material, PLA in the design of the production is more difficult. PLA is not a plastic, but has a light and variable plastic; environmentally friendly materials, but no environmentally friendly products simple and monotonous. All kinds of Pantone color lined up, fashion avant-garde. Not only can be reused, while the application of hot and cold drinks, with a double structure can be insulated, can be used for microwave, also applies to the dishwasher. From the corn plant material, one hundred percent biodegradable into composting return to the earth, who would expect, Coke cans one day and grow into corn.
    Origin / manufacturing method
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PLAStudio-Creative Design - Corn Green Cup-ECO CAN-Panda Limited Edition -280ml-Pink

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