1212 play Design Mug - Q version portrait exclusive custom made models


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    Customized Mug
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
    Coasters on the table not only, but also a good handy mug, work should make a drink, hot drinks are just cold!
    ● We can be customized for your portrait painted lovely mug!
    ● If you want to give gifts, can also be marked with their name! (Need to be ordered at the same time made!)
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
    How to order
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
    (Be sure to read the rules will have a better ordering experience. Subscript agree to the following rules.) ^ _ ^
    ● Q edition portrait, painting style is an individual, not necessarily to 100% alike. Look like all subjective consciousness! Please accept this style of people in the subscript Oh!
    ● This product can not be self-replication.
    ● do not try to provide painting services.
    ● After the pattern drawing is complete, do not like or like to request a refund will be deducted from the cost of each 250 yuan exchange rate regime! Subscript for drawing two charges of $ 500!
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
    ● begin avatar portrait subject for drawing other accessories (body / background, etc.) need to charge extra fees, valuation according to FIG.

    ● determine subscript remittance, please pass you want to draw a portrait photo
    (// To the front face like the main //) need a clear picture!

    Here is the photo ●●●●●●● rules do not necessarily read ●●●●●●●●
    ● Be sure to note
    ● Be sure to carefully selected photos! Photographs will affect the creation. , Does not provide services to repaint. There are times to provide a service to modify the color, the line does not change!
    ● Limit modify the color, ※ do not change lines ※ 'That does not change the meaning of the photo repaint !!

    ● cell phone photos // dilution solution is usually poor, so try to photograph the front of the head of the local picture is better

    ※ mug shot photo ID such as the best way! Picture size is not enough, zoom blur, it will affect the imaging works!
    ※ can not be cut to the head, to be complete, and the need for clear analysis visible! Photo patterning required to face / head complete main
    ※ girls tied ponytail frontal view - because you do not see the back of the hair, short hair will be drawn up - If you do not like the photo, please pass like hairstyle! Short hair like a boy that would mean !!
    ※ children photos to be made, because the drawing style does not have to be required to appear - choose full hair!
    ※ Picture angle as parallel documents headshot ~ ~ Yuka elevation or make the face bow pictures are deformed! (Less sharp change)
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------

    ● The transfer photos together when we want to put words or name on the cup (writable may write ~) / Do not put a note put in the notes and the lack of text neither accepts additional documents /.

    ● each order to draw a portrait. They call on the next number 2, and so on.

    ● We will do the pattern, the pattern you confirm with PINKOI internal message. And the whole pattern is visible screen, if the text is missing for an own initiative, may be modified / made after already confirmed as no picture shall prevail.

    ● will be determined after production and shipping, all of about 10 days. (Counted pattern after six days without confirmation). After confirming the completion of the pattern that is printed pattern, if not self-made modifications, there are missing words, no additional documents. Be sure to confirm the pattern.

    ● If sent directly to the recipient, then please buy my remarks information, facilitate communication!

    ● If urgent needs, you can discuss with us!

    ● If you have any questions after the station message can discuss with us! Do not have a problem, not raised, / own imagination / receive goods in question have proposed. Yes to confirm the completion of the pattern are subject to special attention !! Please !!

    ● pigments are made by the heating, the color will be color cast, color to be printed based products!
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
    ● ↓↓↓↓↓↓ Please copy this form, fill out your design information! ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓

    (Please select the color you need the box, each selectable color!)
    ** Printing colors are heavier than tents color Oh!
    ○ Demand text (12 words):
    ○ Text color:
    ○ image line color: (dark gray / blue / purple / peach / dark pink / dark brown)
    ○ color: (General / Jian Kang Mai color / dark wheat color / black)
    ○ Hair color: (dark / light ---- / red / orange / yellow / green / blue / indigo / purple / gray / brown)
    ○ background color :( deep / shallow ---- / red / orange / yellow / green / blue / indigo / purple / gray / brown)
    ○ Note:
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
    PS plus thermal transfer image is printed, do not use baking bowl cup machine cleaning!
    The above rules need to clearly read the subscript agree to the above rules!

    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
    / Size / 10 * 8cm
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
    / Materials / Ceramics
    -------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------------------
    Origin / manufacturing methods
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1212 play Design Mug - Q version portrait exclusive custom made models

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