Cloisonne 14kgf Mini Circle Earrings ~ Moonstone ~

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Cloisonne 14kgf Mini Circle Earrings ~ Moonstone ~


June birthstone "Moonstone" There are several types of moonstone Blue moonstone has a fantastic pale glow (schiller) in the whitish Stone. By baking a light blue glaze on sterling silver foil and a milky white glaze on it. I expressed a blue moonstone whose expression changes depending on the angle. The round motif of cloisonne ware with a plump thickness and a beautiful luster Shaking from 14kgf hook earrings for allergies, It shines brightly even when viewed from a distance. The size and color are casual, It can be used both casually and at a dinner party. Simple and excellent earrings. It will be delivered in the original gift box, so It is also recommended as a gift! Shippo-yaki is one of the traditional craft techniques. A glassy glaze is fired on a copper base at a high temperature of around 800 degrees Celsius to give it color. Since it is fired one by one, the color changes little by little depending on the delicate temperature. The material of the pierced earrings uses 14kgf. This can be changed to screw spring Clip-On. If you wish, please specify when ordering. Material: Copper plate, glass, 14kgf earrings, metal parts Size: Overall length about 1.6 cm (excluding pierced parts) ▽ About 14kgf (gold filled) ▽ Gold Filled is made of gold alloy (14 gold, 12 gold, etc.) with more than 1/20 of the total weight. Gold filled is centered on metal such as brass and has a core. Since the gold alloy is coated by heat and pressure, there is almost no concern that the gold on the surface will come off even if it is used for a long time like gold plating. It is a popular material that you can enjoy a deep shine with a sense of quality like pure gold. In addition, it is a material that does not easily cause metal allergies. (Of course, there are individual differences, so not all people will have allergies.) ・ Cloisonne ware is made by baking glassy glaze on metal. It is very delicate and may crack due to strong impact. Please handle with care in the same way as general glass products. ・ If the work is damaged for any reason, stop using it immediately. ・ If the surface of the cloisonne is dirty, wipe it with a soft cloth. Do not use detergents containing abrasives as they may cause scratches. ・ Because it is handmade, there may be some errors in color, shape, size, etc., and slight distortion. ・ Please note that detergents, chemicals, cosmetics, oils, sweat, seawater, etc. may cause discoloration, discoloration, or deterioration. ・ Please refrain from using if you are allergic to metal or the plating process does not suit your skin. ・ After use, wipe gently with a soft cloth to remove sweat, cosmetics, and other deposits before storing. ・ There may be a slight color difference between the photo on the monitor and the actual work.


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