Natural titanium crystal citrine bracelet | 925 silver money bag hand made double circle customized gift lucky

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Natural titanium crystal citrine bracelet | 925 silver purse irregular cutting hand made double circle customized gift lucky


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1 - 3 วัน
Natural titanium crystal citrine bracelet | 925 silver money bag hand made double circle customized gift lucky


【Titanium crystal】 Titanium crystal is the most vibrating and energetic of all crystals. It is also known as the "king of crystal". Can start thinking wisdom, behavioral motivation, and overcome various dilemmas (such as: money, career, love, marriage, health, etc.), create the light of life, create a good life, and at the same time contain all kinds of crystal functions. 【Citrine】 The citrine is the main fortune, commonly known as the "stone of wealth." The gentle yellow light can inject a harmonious power into the mind, strengthen the aura, make people full of self-confidence and joy, also known as "the stone of merchants", stabilize the development of the cause, and the frequency of wealth is similar, which can bring wealth. Citrine can bring partial wealth, can enhance the yellow light in the gas field, yellow light will affect material life and wealth, can create unexpected wealth, is an indispensable treasure for service business companies and businesses, and has a good fortune The effect. It is clear-minded, thoughtful, sensible, patient, and efficient. It can also make a home fortune, body and mind. —————————————— [Material] Natural titanium crystal Natural citrine 925 sterling silver Handmade design —————————————— 【size】 The bracelet is designed with an extended chain and the size of the hand can be adjusted by itself. —————————————— [Hand size] Use a soft ruler on your wrist and wrap around your wrist to measure your hand size. —————————————— 【package】 Gift box —————————————— [Design and production time] No need to modify the size of the design, send it within 3 days. Customized size is required, and the order is completed within 7-14 days. —————————————— [send] The Taiwan area is mailed by the post office or the 7-11, the whole family convenience store. Outside Taiwan, the unified post office is sent by registered mail. —————————————— [wearing and maintenance] Every color and shape of natural ore is slightly different, with a little bit of cotton wool, ice cracks, etc. It can't be the same as plastic products, and it is the unique and unique of natural ore. It is recommended to place the bag when it is not worn, to avoid oxidation of metal and silver materials. If it is dirty, wipe it with a dry cloth. ————————————— [purification] The moon irradiation method can be used to place the crystal ore in the night light and the night, to achieve the function of purifying degaussing, discharging the negative energy and strengthening the positive energy. ————————————— 【design concept】 Original hand-made jewelry, no matter what you want to express today, which side, how the weather. Soft gold, cold silver, sparkling crystal...not a cold, unaffected substance. She is the most beautiful and confident, yourself.


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