di-vin୧ Painless Ear Clamp Ear Bone Buckle

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⬫Ears also need comfortable embellishment⬫ Following the auricle, each of our ear buckles is ergonomically designed ⬫No need to pierce ears and easy to wear⬫ Based on comfort and easy-to-wear, people with pierced ears have more attempts in matching, and those without pierced ears have more choices in earrings



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di-vin୧ Painless Ear Clamp Ear Bone Buckle


Ear Cuffs without piercing ears-90Ninety's Accessories Product name⇾ 51036 di-vin୧ Product category⇾ earrings Commodity Series⇾ Ninety's Product description⇾ Delicate and fresh leaf ear buckles, made of brass and gold plated Product color⇾ Classic gold Product Material⇾ brass Material introduction⇾ 925 sterling silver (92.5% silver + 7.5% alloy) is an internationally recognized silver standard. Silver has high ductility and is suitable for designing delicate and beautiful jewelry shapes. The 999 pure silver available on the market is 99.9% silver plus 0.1% other metal molecules. Although its silver concentration is high, its texture is too soft and easy to oxidize and deform, so more alloys must be added to the silver In order to increase the hardness, it can withstand multiple processing. In view of the perfect ratio of 925 sterling silver (92.5% silver + 7.5% alloy) introduced by Tiffany&Co. in 1851, making silver jewelry reach the most moderate hardness, 925 sterling silver has become popular since then, and has evolved into the internationally recognized silver jewelry standard. Generally speaking, 925 sterling silver is a low-sensitive material, so people with sensitive skin can wear it with peace of mind. But because everyone's physique is different, some people are allergic to silver, but not allergic to pure gold and pure K gold, so please consider before buying. Let us get familiar with the feel of wearing together⇾ ◦Facing the mirror, align the ear buckle with the ear to be worn, then buckle the opening of the ear buckle against the top and thinnest part of the helix, and then slide it down to the position to be worn. . (Different ear buckles are suitable for different positions) ◦To adjust The size of the ear buckle, it is recommended to use the thumb and index finger to gently press the two ends of the ear buckle, and slowly press the ear buckle to the required size, so that the ear buckle is not easy to loose and comfortable. Matters needing attention⇾ ◦Please avoid exposure of accessories to chlorine, sulfur, moisture, sweat, cosmetics, household bleach and other strong chemicals. ◦To prevent oxidation, it is recommended to wipe the jewelry with a chemical-free dry cloth and store it in the original packaging when the jewelry is not worn. ◦Try not to wear it during exercise, housework, bathing, shampooing, and makeup to reduce the possibility of product damage and loss. Maintenance method⇾ Gold-plated jewelry: ◦It is not recommended to use liquid detergent or silver cloth to wipe gold-plated jewelry to avoid the possibility of peeling off the surface. ◦Once the plating layer is worn out, the pure silver inside may be oxidized and blackened. At this time, wipe with a silver cloth to restore the luster of pure silver! 925 sterling silver jewelry: ◦If 925 sterling silver jewelry encounters oxidation, yellowing and blackening, don't worry, just wipe it gently with silver jewelry cleaner or a dry cloth to restore its original luster.


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