[Doll] Chinese word Xia Bomi silverware jewelry - Gold wishful - 925 creative handmade silver necklace silver handmade silver Recommended

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[Doll] Chinese word Xia Bomi silverware jewelry - Gold wishful - 925 creative handmade silver necklace silver handmade silver Recommended


**/ Commodity Description and story /** "Great wishful" necklace from Xia Bomi unique Chinese word series, a unique decoration and wind breath, feel create elegant silver humanities. Through the "wishful" auspicious mood, reflects the ancient oriental civilization humanity revival. The frame work is brass (bronze) for the silver in the middle of wishful font All Silver -> https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1pH72dw9?category=2 Sterling Silver Diamond -> https://www.pinkoi.com/product/1rt1F69R "Great wishful" necklace with a 22-inch stainless steel necklace **/Size/** "Great wishful" body length 29mm wide and 18mm thick 3mm 22-inch stainless steel necklace 60cm **/ Material /** 925 international standard silver 925 sterling silver **/ Method /** Traditional metalworking Method **/ Operate and maintain /** Maintenance 925 standard silver is very simple, our jewelry comes polishing bright bars used: First, remove pits & green oxidized surfaces have been presented to the fog-like silver color, then you can change that white face begin bright polish. Alternatively, you can use the silver polishing cloth or silver paste with a soft cloth to keep bright bright side, you can also wash your hands become bright, but do not use silver washing water (will be eroded after the bright side but more susceptible to oxidation) is the wrong way to wipe maintenance of silver; please do not normally wear when placed in ziplock bag can be isolated from the contact with the air. **/ Bonus contents /** Jewelry polishing bright bars, sealed ziplock bags & fine air sealing clamp **/ Benefits and silver /** Often wear silver jewelry, can help toxins from the body. You will find: a silver bracelet with silver jewelry or what are the benefits? Band silver bracelet, it is gray sick, good health when shiny. Silver contains silver ions, silver ions has a strong bactericidal effect on the human body is very good. Further silver thermal conductivity of all metals is the most prominent blood vessels can rapidly dissipate heat, thermal conductivity stark quickly lower blood heat, prevention of various diseases have an excellent effect. Silver also has absorbed toxic function, which is one of the reasons it's color, so it has excellent disinfecting properties, which change color only the surface reaction with toothpaste or drugs can be removed. Silver good health, it is often not only wear silver and toxic substances in the human body, can also accelerate wound healing, prevent infection, and purify water and preservative effect. Mongolian herders prefer silver bloom fresh milk. Modern scientific evidence silver Sheng milk, does have a scientific basis, because: A. very small amount of dissolved silver ions can kill bacteria in milk, milk to prevent deterioration B. silverware in full bloom with milk, can supplement essential element silver C. Yi silver thermal, cool milk faster D. silver chemically stable, durable silverware This work is bound to be a little hand-made asymmetrical or some tiny holes in the surface treatment, handmade silver commodities exposed to air oxidation will begin, but it is also attractive silver products where some depressions will become increasingly more wear black personality, if they can accept, please buy! Please FB above search "Xia Bomi" Mastering more diverse combination of silver doll Oh! Origin / manufacturing methods Taiwan


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