Domineering A Chai Chinese Version-Shiba Inu Brass Pet Brand Dog Tag Charm Key Ring

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A brass pet brand in the shape of a Shiba Inu, Designed with the image of the domineering Shiba Inu at home, Dogs are not bad, Master doesn't love (?) In addition to being a pet brand, it can also be used as a bag/luggage strap or key ring~ The presentation/arrangement of the stencil font is hand-punched, There will be some misalignment or different shad


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Domineering A Chai Chinese Version-Shiba Inu Brass Pet Brand Dog Tag Charm Key Ring


【Introduction】 The first Shiba Inu Sambo in the family, Was also abandoned by others, After taking it back, I discovered that Shiba Inu’s domineering reputation is well-deserved. Probably all the dogs in the family are not pleasing to her eyes... As long as you get too close to her, you will be beaten by the murderer, The designer feels helpless~ The dog tag can be typed on the dog’s name and phone number, After having the tag, Remember to tie the leash! 【Order Notice】 You can engrave the Chinese name of Maozi on the front, Limited to three characters (too complex fonts cannot be engraved, such as turtle), You can tap a group of phones on the back. The presentation/arrangement of the fonts is hand-carved/beaten, There will be some irregularities or different shades Can’t precisely align, If you are concerned, please do not place an order. So as not to meet expectations. ======================================= The way to fix it on the collar of a dog, cat, or cat is to use a key ring, Usually it is equipped with a large circle (diameter 2cm), If the iron ring on the pet collar or harness is thin or small cats and dogs need to use it, Changeable small circle diameter (1.5cm), Please note in the order that it is not told to ship in large circles; The key ring is iron plating gold, It is normal to have discoloration after long use. ======================================== You can also type special symbols, Additional purchase link: ======================================== The way to fix it on the collar of a dog, cat, or cat is to use a key ring. A small copper ring can be added to the dog tag to change the direction of wearing it. At most one small copper ring can be used. If not otherwise notified, no small copper ring will be added (the last picture of the product is a comparison picture). 【Material】 brass 【Dimensions】 The length is about 40mm/the thickest part is about 1.5mm. [Brass knowledge and maintenance methods] ◆Brass itself is a material that is easy to oxidize and darken. It will show different colors with time or wearing conditions, but this is also its unique charm. Wearers who like retro nostalgic style deliberately retain the natural oxidation of brass After the distressed feeling, but be careful not to wear or pay attention to it, but in the end it will completely become almost black (the same is true for pure silver). ◆If you care about the brightness of brass jewelry as new, you can restore the color or delay the discoloration through the following various maintenance methods. ◆Natural friction that is often worn can make the brass shiny as new, but the parts that are not easy to rub (such as gaps or grooves) will still darken and blacken. ◆The most convenient and fast deoxidation helper is**toothpaste/salad**. Add water to foam and gently scrub or rub. The brightness of the jewelry can be restored in a short time. Finally, rinse with water and wipe dry. ◆Mix**one tablespoon of white vinegar/two tablespoons of baking soda powder/one teaspoon of salt**into a paste, and apply it to the brass that you want to clean. Slowly you will see the brass become brighter, and finally Rinse with water and wipe dry. ◆ Wipe with a little copper oil/copper paste with a dry cloth to quickly restore the brightness. The protective luster produced on the surface after treatment can delay the next oxidation time. Remember to clean it with salad strips after wiping. The disadvantage is that copper oil is quite unpleasant. ◆If you do not wear it for a long time, you can put it in a tightly sealed container such as a zipper bag. ◆Avoid wearing it with other metal ornaments at the same time, which is easy to cause scratches due to friction and impact. ◆Do not touch water/liquid/chemical agents, etc., to avoid rapid blackening caused by the chemical action of metals. Origin / manufacturing method Taiwan/Handmade


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