2020 Mid-Autumn Festival Tea Mountain Gift Box [Type B]

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Mid-Autumn Tea Mountain Gift Box (Type B): Honey Fragrant Black Tea Crispy 200g*1+ Baozhong Tea Rolling Sugar 200g*1+ Baozhong Tea Tea Bag 3g*6 Packs + Honey Fragrant Black Tea Tea Bag 3g*6 Pack


200g x 2
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2020 Mid-Autumn Festival Tea Mountain Gift Box [Type B]


2020, Mid-Autumn Festival limited, Chashan gift box is on sale! The Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching, how are you ready to give gifts and get together with relatives and friends this year? Speaking of Mid-Autumn Festival, what else can you think of? What I think of is that in addition to barbecuing and mooncakes and mooncakes, you can also take a sip of tea and chew a bite of tea crisps 😋 to bring something new to reunion. "Tea Mountain Gift Box🌱" It is a collaboration with "DOT design", which is good at designing products with environmentally friendly materials. The landscape of Pinglin's tea garden is transformed into a 3D paper model and presented on the body of the gift box. The gift will also bring you a tea mountain. The environmentally-friendly pulp material can be recycled and reused directly into storage boxes. There are many ideas for you to use, and you can even grow potted plants! ———————————————————————— ➤【Mid-Autumn Tea Mountain Gift Box-Type B】 Contains: Honey Fragrant Black Tea Crispy 200g+ Baozhong Tea Rolling Sugar 200g+ Baozhong Tea Tea Bag 3g*6 Packs + Honey Fragrant Black Tea Tea Bag 3g*6 Pack /Honey Fragrant Black Tea Crispy 150g*1 Specially selected Pinglin honey black tea powder combined with crispy peanuts. The low-temperature ground black tea powder retains the natural honey flavor, reducing more sugar is the most refined and natural good taste. Ingredients: honey black tea powder, peanut butter, peanut powder, maltose, special grade sugar, high grade refined salt, palm oil, soybean oil Shelf life: four months (the package indicates the effective date) Preservation method: Please avoid the sun. Please seal and store before eating, or put it in the refrigerator after sealing. (Note: peanuts are possible allergens) /Baozhong Tea Rolled Sugar 150g*1 Low-temperature grinding of Pinglin Wenshan tea powder, which is as meticulous as matcha, is added with premium almonds and natural anhydrous cream imported from New Zealand. It has a smooth taste with tea aroma, and the almond crispy pine milk is rich and non-sticky. Ingredients: tea powder, special grade almonds, maltose, special grade sugar, cream, milk powder, egg white Shelf life: four months (the package indicates the effective date) Preservation method: Please avoid the sun, please seal and store if not finished. (Note: Milk is a possible allergen) / 15 bags of original leaf tea bags It is selected from Pinglin Wenshan Baozhong Tea. Pinglin is surrounded by mountains and the climate is warm and humid. It is more of the water conservation area of Feicui Reservoir. It is the birthplace of Wenshan Baozhong Tea. Baozhong tea is a lightly fermented tea, and the tea soup features a sweet orchid fragrance, and the taste of the tea is fresh and sweet. /15 bags of honey black tea original leaf tea bags Selected from Pinglin Mixiang black tea, the tea plants that have been bitten by a small green leafhopper, through natural chemical reaction, make Mixiang black tea more fruit and sweet potato sweetness than traditional black tea. The honey-flavored black tea is a heavily fermented tea. The tea soup tastes like honey with a mellow aroma, and the three-dimensional tea tail rhyme more elegantly hooks the taste buds. ————————————————————— About some tea Some tea comes from Pinglin. After deep rooting in Pinglin, we found that Taiwan’s tea-making craftsmanship has been passed down for centuries. There are more and more choices of beverage tea on the market, but the tea-making culture is relatively declining. We are well aware of the busy life in modern society, so make a good brew. Tea pots and a sip of tea are so rare and valuable, so starting from snacks that can be easily integrated into daily snacks, simple and meticulous refreshments are developed to promote Pinglin good tea and convey the tea made in Taiwan The craftsmanship is valuable. A cup of tea is not only the best match for tea tasting moments, but also an unburdened snack when you are greedy at any time. It is also the most sincere and sincere companion when giving gifts. We hope to start with Pinglin tea, discover and connect good teas from all over Taiwan, and continue the value of tea culture.


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