Fragrance shampoo 500mL (optional fragrance) Free fragrance repair travel group (random fragrance)

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Unique scent lasts for 12 hours, contains a variety of top-level care essence ingredients, makes hair strong after washing . Floral notes . Bulgarian Rose: Essence of Damascus Rose . Ebony: Oriental sacred wood, mysterious, elegant and comfortable fragrance



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Fragrance shampoo 500mL (optional fragrance) Free fragrance repair travel group (random fragrance)


🌸 French perfumer carefully modulates, unique aroma 🌸 Rich in silk protein, ceramide, etc., giving hair nutrients 🌸 Smoothen frizz, fluffy after washing, soft, moisturizing and shiny 🌸 Does not contain silicone, giving the lightest protection to the scalp 🌸 With the same fragrance repairing hair mask, the fragrance retention effect is longer 🌸 Small mL number is easy to carry, suitable for early adopters --------------------------- 【Floral notes】 Bulgarian rose and ebony: top notes-apple, raspberry, geranium / middle notes-rose, violet, lily of the valley / base notes-woody notes, musk, amber Tuberose and orange blossom: tuberose, jasmine, sweet ginger / middle notes-white wood, peach blossom, lily of the valley / base notes-musk, orange blossom 【Floral and Fruity Scent】 Lily of the valley and musk: top notes-orange, strawberry, black currant / middle notes-jasmine, lily of the valley, peony, orchid / base notes-musk, oak moss, cedar Peony and white amber: top notes-apple, honey, lemon, black currant / middle notes-peony, violet, rose / base notes-amber, suede, patchouli 【Fruit notes】 Roman melon and frangipani: top notes-melon, pineapple, cucumber / middle notes-frangipani, violet, freesia / base notes-musk, peach, amber, raspberry Black currant and vanilla honey: top notes-black currant, sweet orange / middle notes-rose, jasmine, violet / base notes-musk, woody notes, vanilla --------------------------- ◆ Product name: MISSDAISY Fragrance Shampoo 500mL (Bulgarian Rose and Ebony) MISSDAISY Fragrance Shampoo 500mL (Tuberose and Orange Blossom) MISSDAISY Fragrance Shampoo 500mL (Lily of the Valley and Musk) MISSDAISY Fragrance Shampoo 500mL (Peony and White Amber) MISSDAISY Fragrance Shampoo 500mL (Roman Melon and Frangipani) MISSDAISY Fragrance Shampoo 500mL (Blackcurrant and Vanilla Honey) ◆ Product capacity: 500mL ◆Commodity use: unique and long-lasting fragrance, containing a variety of top-level maintenance essence ingredients, after washing, the hair is strong and fluffy, moisturizing and shiny. ◆ How to use: Take a proper amount and pour it into your palms and rub your hands with both hands. After foaming, apply evenly on wet hair, massage the scalp with your fingertips, and then rinse thoroughly with water. ◆ Matters needing attention: 1. After use, if there is any abnormality, please stop using it immediately and consult a dermatologist. 2. Do not use when the scalp condition is abnormal. 3. If you accidentally get into your eyes, please rinse with plenty of water. If you still feel unwell, please consult an ophthalmologist. 4. Please place it in a place that is difficult for infants and young children to obtain, and avoid placing it in a place with high temperature and sunlight. 5. Please avoid falling or gravitational impact to prevent cracking. ◆ Storage method: Keep in a dark place, avoid sunlight and high temperature. ◆ Validity period: 3 years ◆ Date of manufacture: marked on the bottle ◆ Place of production: Taiwan


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