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This I must Kat /// holy divination blocks embroidered patch (hot in your hats clothes bag)


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    ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ● 2016 Turtle boss's latest masterpiece annual New ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ● ○ ●
    [This I must Kat /// turtle boss holy divination blocks embroidery series]

    Waited a year and we do not ask me not closed concave Woo
    This is not to mess with me (the teacher that fit in the corner of his eyes pan tears fell to the ground music to the next)
    Come come ~
    A busy but lazy turtle finally came to the ~ ~ ~
    But also with my head melon Shaw would like a million years want to make embroidery to the Arab
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    [This I must Kat /// turtle boss holy divination blocks embroidery series]
    "Jiji Fu Gigi, do not buy you do not know."

    !!! Is holy divination blocks!!!!!

    Today a wish wish his family a little old and slow physical and mental health
    Prayer meeting tomorrow morning briefing every success not to be electrically

    Yesterday, the first place you want to test the power and prestige of the top scare us all crooked
    Today the topic of prayer teacher exam at least could understand yourself
    Only hope that the day after tomorrow will oblige by just the last one does not matter

    We repeated again and again in every second of life
    Make a wish wish they got themselves

    Poe divination process
    Full of anxiety panic

    Divination blocks landing moment
    Shell a positive and negative
    Represents your desire to be answered
    You're also represents good ki ー Getting ッ not be afraid of your club

    Getting ッ ki ー: Lucky meaning

    The turtle holy divination blocks pattern
    Made pencil, made pins, made of cloth Cap
    Is to let you stitch from the shiny texture of embroidery
    Get heart strength and stability as well as that Do not be afraid of courage

    Every time I see the boss turtle holy divination blocks
    Can think of: I have this guitar!
    (Translation turtle brand konjac: That I will be!!!)

    ※ Reminder:
    Only about the turtle translation konjac "This I must Kat" translated so usually do not mess with (laughing)
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    / Product Info /

    Cloth embroidered turtle holy divination blocks Chapter 1
    → let you arbitrary cap on the hot bags of clothes, A squeeze is a new hat bag clothes yeah!

    / Size/
    About 7 x 4.3 cm

    According to a thickness of the side look
    So very thin but stiff embroidery

    / Material /
    Embroidery Threads
    Always wanted to do everything possible embroidered goods
    Spiraea is the slightest trace of delicate touch
    Because each will show different light angle is not the same visual color

    Shiny! Embroidery texture is not the same!


    / Product use: how the embroidered patch affixed to the bags of clothes ??? hat /
    (※ help me complete the following from embroidered patch boss sincere advice and guidance)

    Embroidered patch on the back there is a layer of hot melt adhesive hot adhesive

    The direct use of iron stamping, after the hot water does not fall off
    Applicable to all types of natural fiber fabrics, such as cotton, hemp, and other single Ningbu
    Can not be used on acrylic, cotton, nylon, waterproof processed leather!


    ● embroidered patch hot paste [step] ●

    1. Preheat the iron to about 150 to 170 degrees (iron temperature indicated in the "Cotton" scale)
    2. embroidered patch placed on the surface of the thin cloth to protect the surface of embroidery → Iron afraid to hurt too rude embroidery surface
    3. Pressing for about 15 to 20 seconds, do not move when pressed, do not open the steam
    4. removed the iron, and other cooling patch, so the back of the fabric and hot glue closely to provoke very strong!

    / Authoring /

    T i T icoco kick buttoned life * first market stall FIG small stalls

    Carry the day I went to the stage to the top of the Christmas tree candle
    Paste a red couplets
    With a brush to write a "holy divination blocks."
    A positive and negative at that time little turtle on first appearance
    I epiphany interesting pattern

    Another turtle
    But also good luck
    Ah! Nice!

    Turtle boss will never forget
    There are two girls after
    Said: "Hey you see him draw a positive and negative shells holy divination blocks Representative Hey good fun!!"

    Turtle boss often in the pursuit of life is: Ho interesting!!!

    Howard has since become my favorite design
    Schedule of worship in the New Year [see Paul Bailey / bai chia bo bi / paper tape] have appeared!
    Not only Shaoshao volumes deft knife won (poke)
    Origin / manufacturing methods
    Made in Taiwan
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This I must Kat /// holy divination blocks embroidered patch (hot in your hats clothes bag)

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