Modern retro shell embossed brooch side face D

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Modern retro shell embossed brooch side face D


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Modern retro shell embossed brooch side face D


Name: Modern retro shell embossed brooch side face D Product desciption: This model can be used as a pin, or you can wear a chain as a necklace. Size: length 3cm width 2.4cm height 0.9cm Cameos (shell sculpture) is a world-famous special craft. Shell carving craft jewelry has existed for centuries, the earliest dating back to the 3rd century BC. Surprisingly, however, it is difficult for many people to distinguish between genuine or inexpensive copies. What is shell carving? Shell carving is a small piece of jewel engraved with raised relief, usually depicting the outline of a face or mythological scene. Shell carvings are usually made of shells, corals, or even stones, lava or glass. These engraved borders are sometimes overlaid with gold or silver. And some cheap jewelry reliefs, they come from molded plastic, and then made of glass or resin. These are not hand-carved and there is not much real value. How to determine if your shell carving jewelry is true The first step in evaluating the relief is to determine what the relief is made of. The best case is made of shells, corals, stones or lava. Shell reliefs are usually made from conch shells and have an orange pink background with a white or creamy foreground. It is important to know that the engraved outer casing is very thin, making it a bit transparent and prone to cracking. The cheap molded plastic front looks like a shell, but in most cases the back is significantly thicker. Step 1: Check transparency Keep the pink and white reliefs under the light source and look at the back of the relief. If the relief is made of shells, you should be able to see the outline of the design through the relief. However, some plastic reliefs are also very thin, so this should not be your only indicator. If you don't see the natural lines at all, then this is probably not a shell. Step 2: Look for cracks or cracks Take a closer look at the surface. If it's made of shells, you should see some tiny cracks or cracks when you check it with a light source. Step 3: Enlarge the engraving Next, look at the shell relief under the 10x magnifying glass from the front. You should be able to see very fine marks or dents on the engraving tool, indicating that the piece was carved out of a shell. The plastic has a more uniform and smooth appearance. In the 1940s, large-scale production of shell reliefs was sometimes carved out of shells. These are technically "real" reliefs because they are made of outer casings and they are more collectible than plastic reliefs. *The design museums are mainly European antiques, old and old. After years of baptism, some antiques will inevitably have some historical traces and black spots. Or a small corner, it is inevitable that it is not as clean as a brand new product. But this does not affect the retro beauty of itself. Perfectionism and friends who are accustomed to buying new products, please think twice before placing an order. We also look forward to your becoming the same beauty as we are in love with ancient objects ^^ If you have any questions, please send us a message!


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