Red classic mouth gold series pendant small bag/mouth gold bag/combination bag

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Red classic mouth gold series pendant small bag/mouth gold bag/combination bag


Passionate and warm red classic series bags---- The gold buckle design of the POCHI gold bag makes it close tighter and opens easily. The one-handed design can easily hold small accessories such as small change, rings and necklaces. It can also hold daily essential 3C supplies such as airpods and charging cables. The design of the pendant lanyard is very suitable for hanging on a bag or neck strap. The POCHI BABY pendant bag is exquisite and cute. The small size is only a little larger than a 50 yuan coin. It can store earrings, ring accessories, loose change, portable medicine, etc. The design of the buckle and lanyard can be perfectly hung on the key, each Bounce along with the rhythm of your pace on a large-sized bag! **〔Classic Silicone Gold Strap Small Bag-Product Information〕** Style: red Material: Silicone Dimensions: Length 6 X Height 6.2 X Width 3.85 (cm) Packing: PP box **〔Classic Silicone Gold Bag-Product Information〕** Style: red Material: Silicone, stainless steel Dimensions: Length 8.1 X Height 8 X Width 4.3 (cm) Packing: PP box **〔Introduction of special materials〕** This brand uses "natural Silicone" as the main material to produce a variety of cute small bags, waterproof, durable, and easy to clean. Different styles and shapes can be matched with daily wear and do not appear obtrusive. The practical storage space can also make essential small items. They take it with them. With a certain degree of closeness, it can effectively protect the contents if you accidentally get caught in the rain when you go out on a rainy day. Squeeze arbitrarily, and it is not easy to deform. The Silicone material is soft and elastic, which can avoid scratching of small objects in storage. It can be washed directly with water, or cleaned with a damp cloth or eraser. **〔 Precautions〕** Regarding cleaning and maintenance: General stains can be wiped back and forth with a wet paper towel, and lighter dirt such as dust can also be wiped back and forth with an eraser. Please do not use it in abnormal ways such as pulling hard, which may cause damage to the product or deformation of metal accessories such as zippers. Do not cut or scrape with sharp materials to avoid damage. Before storing earrings and other sharp objects, please put on ear needle sleeves to avoid being squeezed and penetrated. The silicon material itself is waterproof, but please be aware that the product will seep into it when the product is under water surface pressure or strong washing. Please do not approach the fire source, or expose to the sun for a long time, the product will have the risk of discoloration. **〔Other hot products〕** The classic mini version of the Mifei rabbit gold bag, the special ear-shaped gold buckle design not only makes the bag buckle tighter. Mifei Rabbit Silicone Gold Strap Small Bag (two colors): Healing animal Silicone pendants also make the faces of small animals perfectly presented. Animal Silicone gold pendant coin purse (six styles): The compact storage space makes it easy to store and take away ring and necklace small accessories. The design of the pendant lanyard can be perfectly hung on bags of all sizes. Three-dimensional Silicone gold bag/duck:


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The red classic charm bag and gold bag are also available in a combination purchase combination. The natural Silicone material is waterproof, durable and easy to clean. The charm bag is exquisite and cute. The small size is only a little larger than a 50 yuan coin. It can be hung in a bag or On the neck strap. The gold bag is easy to carry and can also put a lot of small things, the size that can be grasped by one palm is suitable for all kinds of bags and coat pockets!


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