【Fruit man】 Wang Cai Chai dog packaging luxury jam gift box 80ml into the four-day gift box


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    เหลือเพียง 4 ชิ้น
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    80ml x 4
    หลังเปิดถุง 30 วัน
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    【Deluxe Jam Gift Box 80ml four-in】 Contains four cans of 80ml jam, can choose their own taste, gift rich practical and g
  • **_______________**
    **important! Lunar New Year shipping announcement!**
    All current delivery units do not guarantee the number of days sent, so we will ship as soon as possible.

    Here are the top in this Lunar New Year**Last day shipping**:
    **Mail & Delivery: 02/09 Friday**
    **7-11 to shop pickup: 02/12 Monday**

    Proposal to write a message before the next order to our shipping time, thank you!
    **All shipping time are based on the actual delivery delivery unit, please forgive me.**

    **Design Museum leave announcement**
    02/12 Monday ~ 02/20 Tuesday (New Year's Eve)
    Fruit man to return to New Year!
    Design Museum does not ship, but still can order and private information us, we will reply.

    **Luxury jam gift box [80ml four into]**
    Chai Wang Wang ~ Wang Wei Wang ~ Happy New Year dog year packaging!

    Gold foil paper gift box, in addition to part of the package, turned over to the blank surface, can be used as a New Year's card to write!

    After the friend receives, must regard as the Spring Festival couplets decoration also very suitable.

    If you do not want to gift box gift, can also be ordered at the time said to "fruit men's standard packaging" ship! If not specified, the current year gift pack packaging and shipping!

    **Gift box taste selection**
    【Contains figs, red figs and figs
    [Classic taste optional 2] classic strawberry, peppermint pepper strawberries, Earlian apple, passion fruit pineapple, lavender pineapple, Earl milk tea, green tea latte

    Before ordering, please remember to use**"Contact Designer"**feature and we confirm that we want to order the stock of taste.
    When placing an order, please also tell us the taste directly in the note!

    Due to the higher price of figs, there are different gift boxes stores.

    Classic Jam Gift Box [80ml into four] (not including figs), please go to the following stores:

    Strictly selected jam gift box [80ml into four] (including a fig), please go to the following stores:

    **Taste introduction**

    **❐ red wine fig jam ❐**
    | Ingredients | Taiwan The production of figs, red wine, lemon, cloves, sugar
    Selection of Taiwan's native plant grown fresh organic figs, diced red wine and sugar mixed with static stains, elegant and sweet taste, in addition to the commonly used with the jam, it is also suitable for use as a meat sauce, and cheesecake Eat together is perfect.

    **❐ Peppermint fig jam ❐**
    | Ingredients | Taiwan The production of figs, passion fruit, lemon, sugar
    Selection of Taiwan's native plant grown fresh organic figs, diced with fresh passion fruit and candied one night and then boiled. In addition to the sweet and sour taste of passion fruit, more elegant and sweet figs taste.

    **❐ classic strawberry jam ❐**season limited
    | Ingredients | Taiwan-made strawberries, sugar, lemon
    Selection of Taiwan-made strawberries, preserves the integrity of the fruit does not break, to multi-day cooking methods, the color and scent of strawberry all retained. Simply use the sugar and fresh lemon juice pickled, eat more delicious seasonal strawberry, and full of sweet strawberry pulp.

    **❐ Mint Pepper Strawberry Jam ❐**Seasonally Limited
    | Ingredients | Taiwan-made strawberries, colorful pepper, mint leaves, lemon, sugar
    With classic strawberry jam as the base, add a little grated colorful pepper and mint leaves, maybe not particularly feel when you just eat it, but if the tongue touches the spice, then the cool and bitter taste seems to conflict , The entrance is very harmonious, recommended to the pursuit of a different you / u.

    **❐ Earl Orange Apple Jam ❐**Seasonally Limited
    | Ingredients | orange, apple, Earl Gray tea, gold date skin, lemon, sugar
    With the rich season of orange as the main body, mixed with apples, with Earl Gray taste, different from the general citrus jam with a strong impression of the aroma, showing a more gentle taste, but also to taste the full flesh Autumn and winter is very suitable for adding hot tea.

    **❐ Passion fruit pineapple jam ❐**
    | Ingredients | Bromeliad, passion fruit, sugar, lemon
    Taiwan's most representative fruit - pineapple, with the title of the king of the fruit of the passion fruit, sweet and sour taste, so that the tongue fully feel the two from Taiwan's native tropical island flavor.

    **❐ Lavender pineapple jam ❐**
    | Ingredients | Taiwan native pineapple, lemon, dried lavender, sugar
    Carefully cut the pineapple diced, to retain the integrity of the fruit does not break, and then after a night of candied, the release of natural sweet and sour pineapple, lavender fragrance elegant and comfortable fragrance, whether it is soaked in tea or add yogurt, let People feel relaxed ~

    **❐ Royal Earl Milk Tea Spread ❐**
    | Ingredients | Earl Gray tea, Taiwan dairy farming milk, Germany Oldenburg fresh cream, sugar
    The use of imported Royal Earl tea, as well as dairy ingredients in Taiwan without adjustment milk, and Germany Oldenburg fresh cream to slow fire for a long time more than two hours, only this little bottle of mellow taste, thick Aroma of milk blend bergamot fragrant, 抺 a little toast on the bread, the overflowing smell of tea.
    **✲ This product contains milk, allergy to dairy products should not be eaten ✲**

    **❐ Taiwan green tea latte ❐**
    | Ingredients | Taiwan The production of steamed green tea powder, Taiwanese dairy farming milk, Germany Oldenburg fresh cream, sugar
    Using Taiwan's planted green tea, green tea powder made from fresh tea leaves after it has been chlorinated by high temperature keeps it greenish in color. Tea is rich in flavor, but not with the bitter taste, with fresh milk and fresh cream, boiled for a long time, concentrated into milk with a smooth taste of green tea latte sauce.
    **✲ This product contains milk, allergy to dairy products should not be eaten ✲**

    80ml ± 5 into four

    **storage method**
    Unopened: jam category / place at room temperature shade for about six months
    抺 sauce / need to place the refrigerator can be stored for about three months
    After opening: be sure to refrigerate and save as soon as possible within one month after eating
    When eating, please use a clean dry appliance digging, in order not to spoil the jam!

    **Gift packaging**
    When this gift box is sent out, we try our best to protect the environment but do excessive packing, but will do collision protection.

    **About fruit man**
    **We are from Taichung, two men, will learn from the background of catering and design, with fruit as the main ingredients, to play in the men's brand of fruit manure. We choose seasonal seasonal fruit ingredients, repeated careful cleaning of each fruit, handmade boiled sauce, pure natural without adding other chemicals.**

    **The use of French jam practice, to retain a large number of flesh and sugar static stains after a day to cook, and good at using different spices with a rich layer of taste. Although the production process is more troublesome, but every time I see the entrance of a favorite expression, I believe we can feel our intentions. Design packaging is also based on calm, I hope regardless of their food or give away all decent.**


    **Origin and manufacturing methods**
    Taiwan, handmade
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【Fruit man】 Wang Cai Chai dog packaging luxury jam gift box 80ml into the four-day gift box

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