Nuts man | luxury jar gift box [80ml four into] Christmas gift box


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    **Luxury jar gift box 【80ml four into】**
    **~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~**
    Buy a box of jam gift boxes and give them important to him / her.
    Birthday / Valentine's Day / Mother's Day / Christmas / Teacher's Day / Memorial Day is right!


    **Gift box selection**
    **~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~**
    [Limited taste selection 2] sweet-scented osmanthus pear, fig fig, red wine figs
    【Classic taste selection 2】 Berry fruit pineapple, lavender pineapple, lemon peppermint apple, count milk tea, green tea latte

    Recommend ordering before you can use**"Contact designers'**function and confirm our tastes inventory.
    When ordering, please also tell us directly in the remarks tastes!

    Because of the higher prices of figs and sweet-scented osmanthus pears, there are different gift boxes.

    Classic jam gift box [80ml four into] (not including fig or sweet-scented osmanthus pear), please go to the following stores:

    Carefully selected jam gift box [80ml four into] (including a fig or sweet-scented osmanthus pear), please go to the following stores:

    **Taste introduction**
    **¯ ~ ~ ~**

    **❐ osmanthus pear jam ❐**
    Ingredients | pear, sugar, lemon juice, dried osmanthus
    From the Lishan high altitude crystal autumn pear, crystal clear flesh, eat supple fresh sweet and sour moderate, a few no pomace, in order to be able to show the pears of the taste and aroma, we added Miaoli in the ground sweet potatoes boil together cook. Season limited to the two kinds of Taiwan to the local food, as if a trip to the slow mountain city, the entrance back to Gan, smell fragrance elegant, it is worth the taste.

    **❐ wines and figs ❐**
    Ingredients | Taiwanese produce figs, red wine, lemon, clove, sugar
    The use of Taiwanese production of fresh organic figs, diced mixed with red wine and sugar static stains, elegant sweet taste, in addition to the common use of jam with the general, it is also suitable for meat sauce sauce, and cheese cake Eat together is a perfect match.

    **❐ Berry Fragrance Jam ❐**
    Ingredients | Taiwanese products figs, passion fruit, lemon, sugar
    Choose the Taiwanese production of fresh organic figs, diced after the mix of fresh passion fruit and sugar static stains a night and then boiled. In addition to the sweet and sour taste of the fruit, the more sweet and sweet taste of figs.

    **❐ Fresh Spicer Mint Apple Jam ❐**
    Ingredients | apples, lemons, sugar, mint leaves
    The whole summer, are waiting for this sweet and sweet taste! Neat apple dipped in freshly squeezed lemon juice after a night of boil, screen addition to artificial addition, the use of natural fresh lemon peel and mint leaves as spices, slightly acidic taste with a refreshing taste, rushed in the bubble water Full of Qin Liang!

    **❐ Percy Pineapple Paint ❐**
    Ingredients | pineapple, passion fruit, sugar, lemon
    Taiwan's most representative fruit - pineapple, with the title of fruit juice of the fruit, sweet and sour taste, so that the tongue fully feel the two from Taiwan's local tropical island flavor.

    **❐ Lavender Pineapple Jam ❐**
    Ingredients | Taiwanese pineapple, lemon, dried lavender, sugar
    Carefully poured pineapple diced, keep the whole fruit is not broken, and then after a night of candy, the release of natural sweet and sour pear sweet, lavender fragrance and elegant fragrance, whether it is soaked in tea or add in the grid, People feel relaxed ~

    **❐ royal count of milk tea sauce ❐**
    Ingredients | Earl of Tea, Taiwanese Fondue Milk, German Oudenburg Fresh Cream, Sugar
    The use of imported royal count tea, as well as Taiwanese fowl ingredients without adjustment of fresh milk, and Germany Oudenburg fresh cream to a long time a small fire slowly boiled for more than two hours before the achievements of this small bottle of mellow taste, thick Milk flavor blend of bergamot fragrance, 抺 slightly baked on the bread, the aroma of tea overflowing.
    **✲ This product contains milk, allergic to dairy products should not eat ✲**

    **❐ Taiwan Green Tea Latte Taste ❐**
    Ingredients | Taiwanese steamed green tea powder, Taiwanese cheese fresh milk, Germany Oudenburg fresh cream, sugar
    The use of green tea planted in Taiwan, fresh tea after the high temperature to kill the green tea powder made to keep it green color. Tea flavor thick, but not with bitter taste, with milk and fresh cream, with a long time to boil, condensed with a smooth taste of milk with green tea latte sauce.
    **✲ This product contains milk, allergic to dairy products should not eat ✲**

    **¯ ~ ~ ~**
    80ml ± 5 four into the

    **storage method**
    **¯ ~ ~ ~**
    Unopened: jam / room temperature can be stored in the shade for about six months
    抺 sauce category / need to be placed in the refrigerator can be stored for about three months
    After opening: must be frozen to save, and as soon as possible within a month to eat finished
    When eating, please use a clean and dry equipment to dig, in order to make the jam bad!

    **Gift packaging**
    **¯ ~ ~ ~**
    When the gift box is sent, we try to make environmental protection without excessive packaging, but will do crash protection sent.

    **About Fruits Man**
    **~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~**
    **We are from the two men in Taichung, will learn their own food and design background, fruit as the main ingredients, play in the fruit of the men's brand. We use the ingredients in the season when the fruit, carefully carefully cleaned every fruit, hand-made fruit jam, pure natural no other chemicals.**

    **The use of French jam practice, to retain a large number of flesh and sugar stains after a day to boil, and specializes in different flavors with a rich layer of taste. Although the production process more trouble, but every time we see you eat a favorite expression of the entrance, I believe we can feel our intentions. Design packaging is also calm as the keynote, hoping that both their own food or give people are very decent.**


    **Origin and manufacturing method**
    **~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~**
    Taiwan, handmade
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Nuts man | luxury jar gift box [80ml four into] Christmas gift box

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