HOLA Broiled Iron Wok 36cm

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HOLA Broiled Iron Wok 36cm


Japanese new technology processing, can be used without boiling Easy to raise the pot, convenient and simple maintenance after cooking No coating, retain the most original flavor of food The lid can be upright, making the cooking process more convenient Easy to clean without rivets, easier to maintain Natural beech wood handle and cover handle are anti-scalding, different materials are stylish and beautiful Made in MIT Taiwan, quality assurance Applicable stoves: gas stoves, electric stoves, electric ceramic stoves, induction cookers Not suitable for ovens, microwaves and dishwashers https://pcm.trplus.com.tw/sys-master/productImages/h09/h1a/10022609027102/000000000016253679-desc-20210420175245428-0.jpg https://pcm.trplus.com.tw/sys-master/productImages/h69/h2b/10022609551390/000000000016253679-desc-20210420175245428-1.jpg The broiled iron wok does not need to be boiled, please perform the following steps before using it for the first time: 1. Please clean it once with a neutral detergent and sponge or Brown brush, and then wipe it with a dry cloth. 2. Pour a spoonful of cooking oil in a cold pan, heat it on a low heat for 30 seconds and turn off the heat. Use a kitchen paper towel to evenly spread the oil in the pan. 3. Let it stand for 5 minutes to allow the surface of the pot to absorb grease, and the new pot will be maintained, and the cooking and conditioning can be carried out. 4. After use, wash the pot with warm water while it is still warm, wipe off the remaining water and bake it over a low fire. Coat some edible oil and store in a dry place to complete the maintenance procedure. ※Please don't use acid lotion to clean, it will easily wash off the oil film on the surface of the pot and it will become easy to rust. If there is a lot of grease and dirt on the surface of the pot, it can be cleaned with a neutral detergent. Correct cooking method: First, adjust the heat to "low heat (weak)" and heat it up slightly, then switch to "medium heat". After the pot is heated evenly, start the conditioning. This conditioning method can prevent the bottom of the pot from deforming. Use attention 1. Please avoid rapid cooling when the pan is empty or hot to avoid deformation and damage of the pan body 2. When using an induction cooker or covering a viewing circle-like heat source, do not burn it in an empty state or directly use a large fire (strong) to heat it 3. After cooking, please move the food to another container. Do not leave it in the pot for a long time to avoid rusting caused by the soup eroding the pot body 4. Be sure to keep dry after use and cleaning. If you don’t use it for a long time, you can dry it with cooking oil on a medium and small fire before storing. 5. Do not heat the fire source beyond the area of the bottom of the pot to prevent flames from escalating and damaging the handle and the pot body -Precautions- ● The web products may be slightly different from the actual products due to different shooting or screen settings. Please refer to the actual products. ● The picture file is a schematic diagram of the situation, and the content of this product does not include ornaments. ● The 7-day appreciation period is not a trial period. Once the product has been used or assembled, it cannot be returned or exchanged.


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HOLA Broiled Iron Wok 36cm -Product size: length 46 X width 36 X height 12 (cm) -Product weight: 3.31 kg


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